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Why Summer Is the Best Season to Move

Anyone pondering the purchase of one of the new Savage MN homes should wait no longer. Summer is the perfect time to find a new home and get settled in. From selling your own home to physically moving in, summer is full of perks and benefits.

Home buyers are often also home sellers and summer is a peak selling period. By having your home on the market during the summer, you’re likely to find more potential buyers faster and perhaps willing to pay more, giving you more money to put down on your own new home.

Along similar lines, summer is the best time of year for yard or garage sales. This means you can get rid of items you don’t want to move, while actually making some money, perhaps even enough to cover the movers if you’re really lucky. Getting rid of items you know you don’t want in your new home not only saves you on having to move them, it also means you can start fresh in your new home with just the items that truly belong. On the flip side, if you need some items for your new home, check out those yard sales to see if you can score a good deal.

In northern cities and states, it really is a good idea to move during the summer when the weather is better. Plenty of homeowners handle much of the move themselves, which makes icy, cold conditions not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous. Even if you hire movers, there are inevitably enough items you’ll be moving and transporting on your own. Even if the weather is hot on the day you move, just keep a cooler on hand full of ice and cold drinks and snacks to keep you hydrated and motivated.

If you have children, perhaps one of the best reasons for moving during the summer is the fact that they’re out of school and there won’t be any disruption to their studies. Even if they’re not changing schools, moving during the summer leaves more free time to pack and unpack, without also having to deal with school work. If they will be changing schools, moving during the summer is particularly beneficial so that there’s no interruption of classes. Starting at the beginning of the school year makes it easier to settle in and not risk changes in classes offered, after-school activities and having to get caught up on multiple subjects.

If you’re considering a move to one of the new Savage MN homes, don’t delay. Take advantage of all of the benefits that come with a summer move and contact Key Land Homes today to learn about their homes that are move-in ready.

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