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When Should You Water Your Lawn

You’ve just moved into one of the beautiful new homes in Minnesota built by Key Land Homes and you want to keep your yard looking healthy and green. When should you water? How often should you water? Does the type of soil make a difference? These are just a few of the questions homeowners face, especially when summer rolls around. There are a mix of myths and habits that many people follow, but here are some of the best tips for keeping your yard healthy this year.

A recent survey by the Metropolitan Council shows that 40 percent of Minnesotans with a sprinkler system tend to water their lawns every other day. Yet grass experts at the University of Minnesota St. Paul suggest that most lawns, even in dry conditions, don’t need that much water. In fact, they suggest that most lawns only need to be watered once a week; twice a week if they have poor soil conditions and lower organic matter.

Now that you’re only watering once or twice a week, it is important to make the most of that one watering. According to the Metropolitan Council survey, approximately 60 percent of people water in the morning, while nearly 30 percent water at night. While it’s best not to water during the day, due to faster evaporation, nighttime waterers should also change their habits. When lawns are watered at night, the water tends to sit on the surface for longer, which can lead to moss, weeds, algae, and other issues.

The best time to water is in the morning, ideally between four and seven in the morning. However, unless you’re an early bird, you may want to stick to around six or seven so that you are more likely to be up already to notice any potential leaks or other problems with the sprinkler system.

It’s good news for homeowners of new homes in Minnesota. Watering just once or twice a week in the morning not only saves you water and money, it also means that homeowners can enjoy their lawn more, instead of always working to maintain it. Get out there and play, relax, and enjoy your beautiful lawn.

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