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When it Comes to Selling Your Home, What Is White Boxing?

There are always going to be choices that need to be made when it comes to selling your home before you move into one of our new homes in Shakopee MN. Besides choosing an agent and determining a price, you need to decide how you want to showcase your home. While most people aim for some variation of home staging, a newer option is white boxing.

White boxing is basically the opposite of home staging. Rather than making your home look as trendy and in style as possible, often with costly professional help, white boxing goes the other way and strips your home down to its bare walls, removing all furnishing and leaving empty “white box” rooms.

If you can afford to store all of your items and live elsewhere or if you’re moving into your new home before you sell your existing home, this could be a solid choice for you. One of the reasons why it’s becoming popular is that it makes your home a clean slate for potential buyers, letting them imagine their own furniture and style when looking at each room. They don’t need to look past differing styles.

While it’s generally cheaper than hiring a home stager, you should make sure your home is clean and any obvious repairs are made. You may even want to repaint some rooms, replace some carpeting if there are major issues, and even remove wallpaper. You want to get as close to a white box as possible so that there’s less for the potential buyer to deal with. Even if your home is likely to be a fixer-upper, showing your home in its current state gives potential buyers a better idea of what they’re taking on if they buy it, which can work out in your favor.

If you want to put your home on the market before you move, that’s fine. Go ahead and get your home as cleaned up and pared back as possible while you’re still living there. Then, if you know you’re going to be moving out before it’s potentially sold, plan in advance to make sure your home is fully cleaned and prepared once you move out. White boxing can actually provide more flexibility.

Moving is always a challenge, but if you consider all of your options and decide the best path for your situation, you may find options, such as white boxing, that fit your needs and timeline. If you’re looking at homes in Shakopee MN, contact us to help you find your ideal home. Then, when it comes time to sell your existing home, you may find that white boxing works best for you.

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