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What to Consider Before Hiring an Interior Designer

Whether you’re purchasing one of our Savage MN homes or looking to update some rooms in your current home, you might be surprised at just how useful an interior designer can be. You may think you don’t want to spend the extra money and that you can perfectly design your own home, but even if you just go to a design studio and discuss your plans, a designer may help you add some touches that really finish the room and give it that something special. So even if you’re just discussing ideas, here are some things to keep in mind before making that appointment.

First and foremost, know what your budget is. Any designer worth hiring will be able to work within your budget. You may need to be realistic about how much you can achieve and you may need to choose some fixtures and finishes that aren’t exactly what you envisioned, but a good designer will help you find the closest option available that suits your budget. Also, if you’re redecorating, it’s best to set aside 10% of your budget for unexpected costs, such as accidentally drilling and hitting a pipe or wires or unexpected delivery costs. At the end, if you don’t need this safety net, you can use it toward accessories or save it for your next project.

No matter the scale of the project, it’s always best to have some idea of what you want, even if it’s just a style, like minimalism or cottage chic. The more detail you can give about your tastes and vision, the easier it is for the designer to help you fine tune the design and help you find those special pieces that really hit the design mark. Make mood boards or start pinning ideas on Pinterest and it will help the designer much more than if they have to start from scratch and it will also save you time.

In fact, saving time might be an issue, as you should have an idea of what the timeframe is for the project. If you’re moving into a new home, then you may have deadlines for when you need to be in and have everything finished. Even if you’re just redecorating, you don’t want your homelife interrupted for weeks or months on end. Keep in mind that designers may need to order certain items and delivery times may be longer than you expect. Also, some designers charge by project, while some charge based on time spent on the project, so it’s important to have a clear sense of the timeframe.

Often, when building a brand new home, you can work with the builder’s own in-house design team, which saves time and money. Of course, you can also work with your own designer, but make sure you understand the services they offer and if they’ll fit your budget. You also want a designer who can work with your personal style. In-house designers like our team are happy to work with you to bring your design vision to life.

So if you’re going to be working with us to have us build one of the Savage MN homes for you, don’t forget to make the most of our Design Centers. You’ll be able to see, touch and select all of the personalized elements for your home to ensure that your home reflects your personal style.  Our designers will help guide you through the process of planning and selecting even the smallest details of your new home, making the process run smoothly and within budget. Contact us today to learn more about building a home that truly embodies your style.

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