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Tips to Creating a Great Home Office

As more people work from home, either through flex work or full time, the importance of the home office has grown tremendously. Fortunately, the homes in Prior Lake MN from Key Land Homes provide rooms that convert easily into a home office. If you’re moving into one of these homes and want to set up an office space that is functional, inspirational, and comfortable, think about these tips when you start designing.

First off, don’t cram yourself into a windowless storage space. Give yourself enough light and space to work easily without tripping over items, having to rearrange electronics, or having stacks of paper pile up everywhere. Ideally, your office should be spacious enough for a desk to meet your personal work needs, storage, and preferably a comfortable chair and side table where you can sit back and think or take a needed break.

Whether you purchase a traditional desk or get creative and make one or convert another piece of furniture into a desk, think about your monitor or laptop screen placement and elevation. Your desk should be set up so that your computer monitor(s) are at eye level or just below, so that as you scroll down the screen, your eyes will naturally lower, thus lubricating your eyes and reducing strain.

Just as important as your monitor setup is your chair. It is vital to find a chair that offers the proper back support. It may be tempting to use a chair you already have in the house, but the reality is that we all spend too much time as it is behind our desks, so we should at least have a chair that provides the right support for our vulnerable backs. Of course, one of the benefits of working at home is that you can install a standing desk if that option appeals to you. A number of desks are now available that adjust for either sitting or standing, giving you more healthy options. Take advantage of your situation and choose furniture that you might not have access to when working in an office of cubicles.

A window really is a must in any home office, but fortunately homes in Prior Lake MN, from Key Land Homes offer plenty of large windows and great natural light. Not only does the light keep your body’s internal clocks more regulated, but just being able to gaze out a window can provide stress relief and give your mind room to wander as you think about your work challenges. Of course, you’ll still probably need some additional light. Overhead light can work, but you should also consider having some lamps handy, especially if you need focused light for your work.

Finally, when it comes to storage, think about how you work and what kind of storage will work best for you. One of the benefits of working at home is that you can convert more traditional home furnishings into attractive office storage, foregoing the less appealing filing cabinets. Large bookcases are great for keeping a variety of materials at hand and you can still maintain a filing system using boxes designed for the job that can slide into the bookcase. Trays, magazine holders, and more can also be used to create neat storage options. If the room has a closet, that can be converted through additional shelving and other components for excellent storage, leaving your main office area organized and uncluttered.

A home office can be much more comfortable, colorful, and inviting that a typical cubicle. Take advantage and add in some pops of color that you find inspiring, without being overwhelming. Put up some pictures, change things around with the seasons, add in some greenery and you’ve soon got an office that you don’t mind spending time in each day. Just remember to try to keep your work separate from your home life in order to maintain a healthy balance, and enjoy your short commute!

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