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Tips for Touring a Model Home

Key Land Homes builds in five communities in Lakeville, so if you’re looking at homes in Lakeville MN, be sure to contact us to learn about all we have to offer. Beautiful homes in great communities in great locations add up to a pretty fantastic place to call home. We also have a number of model homes available for you to visit. All you have to do is call or text to arrange a visit. When you do visit, here are some tips to help you determine what you want and what you need, and even if this particular model isn’t the perfect fit, we can find you a home design that will be.

Before you go, make a list of the things you absolutely need in a home — the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, home office space, patios — and things you would like but can live without. Knowing what you absolutely must have can help keep you focused when you tour the home. It can also help our sales counselors guide you to other home designs if necessary.

Speaking of our sales counselors, while we certainly make an effort to allow for social distancing, be sure you let one of our sales counselors show you around the home. They can point out features that you may not notice at first glance, including building options, storage, energy efficiency and other great elements.

Make sure your phone is fully charged and be ready to take lots of photos and make notes of features  that you particularly like or that you have questions about. If you’re touring a lot of homes, having photos and notes can help you keep each one clear in your mind. Plus, since model homes are decorated to help you envision how the home can be used, you might find some options that you hadn’t considered before but really like and may want to incorporate into your new home.

During the tour and afterward, feel free to ask lots of questions. That’s what our sales counselors are there for. If you have questions about building options, floor plans, timelines, exterior styles, and locations within a community, they can help ensure you get the home you really want and need. Ask away!

Finally, after touring the home, go for a drive around the community. Look at the location of empty lots that are available — the sales counselor should be able to give you a map — and get a feel for what the community feels like, especially in areas where construction has been completed. Also, if you’re new to the area, drive around and see where things are located, such as schools, shops, restaurants, and anything you’ll want easy access to regularly.

By the time you’ve toured the model homes, asked questions, taken photos and notes, and gotten a feel for the community, it should be much easier to decide on one of the homes in Lakeville MN. Contact us today to schedule your own personal tour.

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