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Tips for Better Home Office Lighting

The lighting in office buildings isn’t always that great, with harsh or at least unflattering fluorescent lights most often. Those of you who have set up home offices in your new homes in Savage MN have the benefit of choosing lighting that is both efficient and attractive. Here are a few tips to help you find the right mix of lighting for all of your workday needs.

You may think that your regular overhead light or just daylight will be fine, but the proper lighting is important. Improper lighting leads to eye strain, headaches, a bad mood, and a reduction in energy and productivity. With the right light, you can get your work done faster while still doing a good job and get to enjoy the perks of working from home.

Natural light is one of the best options when available, so make the most of it before the days start getting much shorter. However, try to keep the light in front of you or to your side so that you don’t have to deal with glare on your computer screen. Also, there are times when the light may be too strong, so make sure you have blinds, curtains or some sort of shade to provide some relief without hopefully blocking all of the light.

Ultimately, there are home offices that require lighting, especially if you’re working early or late in the day when the natural light is gone or isn’t enough. Try to avoid overhead lights unless they’re on a dimmer. They can create too much glare that can lead to headaches. Indirect light is your best source. Table lamps should have shades that offer a soft, diffused light and make sure that the lamp is small enough or designed so that you don’t see the bulb directly. Another option is a floor lamp that shines the light upward so that it bounces off the walls and ceilings.

Depending on the work you’re doing, you may prefer direct task lights. Adjustable ones for both height and angle of the light are best. You want to make sure the light is set up so that you don’t create shadows that can make work difficult to see properly.

Finally, consider adding in some decorative accent lights, just to make your home office a little more inviting and comfortable. Accent lights over a work of art on the wall or sitting on a storage unit may provide a bit of style and warmth to your space, making it more appealing. After all, if you have to spend much of the day in your home office, try to make it as attractive and comfortable as possible.

Key Land Homes builds a variety of new homes in Savage MN, and in them you’ll find flex rooms and dens that can easily become dedicated home offices or designs with offices built in already. Whether you are your own boss or not, decorate your office the way that appeals to you and makes you feel most efficient and at ease. A well-lit and well-decorated office will go a long way to making your work day more appealing and productive. Contact us to learn more about our floor plans that offer potential home offices.

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