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This Spring’s Top Home Decor Trends

You’re getting ready to move into one of the new Key Land homes in Lakeville MN and you’re putting the finishing touches on your interior design plans. Inevitably, with a new home comes the desire to update some of the rooms in your home, even if you’re keeping much of your existing furniture. Fortunately, you can add new life to any room with the inclusion of some of this spring’s hottest decor trends. Whether you go all out or just add a few pieces, even your old furnishings will seem new again, especially in their great new setting.

No matter your personal style, you’ll find something that suits your tastes, from simple, natural textiles and colors to bold prints and bright colors. For example, blush, dusty pink and bronze can be used as elegant accents to any room, while still allowing you to keep a room fairly neutral to make it versatile over the years. Using color accents that don’t cost a lot of money make it easier to update as trends and your tastes change. However, if you want to avoid the room looking too soft, you can always add a few black accents, as well, such as a black metal frame side table or a set of lamps with black bases. Mixing and matching bolds and neutrals makes any room feel more vibrant.

If you are in the mood for big and bold, consider strong colors as accent walls in a bedroom or have fun with big floral print wallpaper in a small bathroom. Sometimes small spaces like guest bathrooms or hallways are a great place to be bolder in your color and pattern choices.

Overall, though, many of this spring’s trends lean toward natural colors and fibers, including using actual nature with simple, elegant greenery. Choose anything from a few green stalks in a simple glass carafe or go bolder with attractive pottery plant holders that complement your interior.

If your green thumb isn’t reliable, but you want to incorporate more natural elements into your decor, choose among the many woven baskets in a variety of shapes, styles, patterns, and colors. They’re particularly good for doing double duty as decorative pieces and functional storage. Decorative art pieces incorporating natural fibers are another big trend right now.

The Danish have hygge, the Dutch have gezellig. Either way, the idea is to create a space that is inviting, with a few items that truly give you pleasure. Just as Marie Kondo tells you to only keep items that spark joy in you, focus on scaling back and keeping items that create a sense of togetherness and beauty. You don’t need a room that has been designed within an inch of its life. This season is about the search for a balance of beautiful pieces that embrace the charm and comfort of the natural world and bring happiness to your home.

Whether you want simple or bold, or a fun combination of both, decorate your homes in Lakeville MN with your own happiness and comfort in mind, rather than hard and fast trends. Pick and choose from the items you find and search for the ones that really speak to you. This sense of personal expression is just as much a part of the spring trends for 2019, and they’re likely to keep you happy for years to come.

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