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Things to Do If You’re Buying a Home This Spring

If you’re currently in the market for one of the homes in Apple Valley MN from Key Land Homes, you’re well on the way to having an outstanding new home. However, as you prepare to make an offer or start building, there are things you should be doing to ensure you and your family are ready when the time comes to move into your fantastic new home.

First and foremost, you should always be saving as much as possible if you’re planning a move. Hopefully, you already have enough saved for a solid downpayment, but there are other costs to consider when moving. Make sure you have money set aside for furnishings for rooms you don’t have in your current home, new appliances if necessary, care for children and pets during the move if they’re young or likely to get loose, and dining out or preparing simple meals until the kitchen is unpacked.

If you’re going to be selling your current home, you also need to be preparing it to go on the market in the best possible shape. This is where additional costs can come in, as you may need to make some potentially costly repairs in order to have your home show better and be more appealing to buyers. Whether it’s fresh paint, fixing leaky faucets, or putting in new carpet to replace worn-out carpet that makes a bad impression, it’s vital to fix any dings, scratches and other damage, big or small.

While you’re prepping your home, go ahead and start preparing for the move by getting rid of things you don’t plan on keeping. Whether it’s junk or just items you know you won’t use again, going through and tossing or recycling anything you aren’t taking with you makes the final move easier. Plus, it helps to free up space in your home, making it look bigger and more appealing to buyers. Go ahead and pack up anything you won’t be using before you move, even if it means living more minimally. You won’t have to worry about as much last-minute packing as you’re preparing for the official move.

Finally, don’t forget to think about helping your children prepare for the move. Telling young children and giving them a time frame may help them adjust to the idea more easily. With older children, it’s equally important to help them adjust to the idea and feel a part of the process, particularly if they will be leaving behind friends or changing schools. You know your children best, so figure out the best way to help this move be a positive experience for them.

When you purchase one of the Key Land homes in Apple Valley MN, you know you’re moving into a beautiful home in a great community. All of your hard work will pay off when you finally take possession of your house keys and settle into your brand new home.

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