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The Latest Home Trends for 2020

From the design of the home itself to the details within the home’s decor, there are certain trends that are showing up more and more for 2020 and likely beyond. For anyone currently in the market for new homes in Woodbury MN, it’s worth keeping in mind what new options are gaining ground, both for your own styling options, but also to keep in mind for future resale potential. Key Land Homes is an excellent choice for new homes because of their focus on outstanding design that is both on trend and timeless.

First and foremost, just as curb appeal is important in making a good first impression of your home, so is the inclusion of an entry foyer. Immediately walking into a living area puts unnecessary wear and tear on that room, and also just doesn’t make a great impression. A dedicated entry area not only keeps your home cleaner and more organized, it creates another positive first impression. Many of the Key Land homes feature side windows next to the door to create a light, airy atmosphere, while also including space for an entry table, perfect or a welcoming lamp, a bowl for keys, and a mirror to further reflect the light, while also serving as a handy last check to make sure you’re ready to go out and face the world.

The kitchen is often the heart of the home, but highly ornate kitchens are quickly being replaced by sleek, minimal designs. Often, homeowners are choosing kitchens with less cabinetry above the counters, going with open shelves or simply fewer upper cabinets, typically with sleek lines and flush against the ceiling or at least with a minimum of trim. This allows for more windows, creating a bright, open space. Even those who do prefer to keep their upper cabinets, they are choosing cabinets that look more like one solid surface than individual cabinets. Handles are skipped in favor of hidden grips at the base. With the inclusion of kitchen islands and breakfast bar cabinets, appliances are hidden away so that the counters remain bare except for a few elements that make a visual statement as much as they are functional. Minimal and streamlined is key.

As for colors, the on-trend colors change from year to year, though this year’s Pantone deep blue is a classic shade that should have a long shelf-life. It has the benefit of pairing well with a variety of colors, whether they’re soft and romantic or bright and bold. However, another color that is showing up increasingly as a neutral is black. Yes, black. The combination of black and white is always a classic and both can pair surprisingly well with most colors. Some people are going bold with black walls or even black ceilings, while others look for accent walls or baseboard trim. And speaking of trim, this is a feature that is scaling back from its previous popularity. People are often choosing just baseboards and even relatively low baseboards instead of the 9-inch baseboards that have been all the rage in the recent past. Even if you do choose trim along the ceiling, keep it narrow and simple.

Don’t let all of this minimalism worry you if you tend to like something more luxurious. There are still plenty of ways to incorporate elements of minimalism while still adding your own touch, whether it’s going bold with brighter colors or choosing an eye-catching backsplash to stand out against the minimal kitchen cabinets. After all, it’s ultimately your home, but when looking at new homes in Woodbury MN, it’s worthwhile to understand and perhaps incorporate some of these newer design trends to give your own style an update.

**Interior Design by Nyla Free Designs, Photography by Phil Crozier

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