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The Best Way to Store Holiday Decorations

As you move into your new homes in Woodbury MN, take a moment to plan the storage and organization of your holiday decorations. Whether you only have decorations for a few holidays or you go all out for every holiday, the following are some of the best ways to store a variety of decorations to keep them looking their best year after year, protecting beloved traditions and memories.

Like many people, you may have most of your holiday decorations stored in cardboard boxes leftover from moving or from past holiday gifts. It’s worth the money and effort to purchase weatherproof plastic storage boxes, especially ones designed to hold smaller, delicate items. Even if you keep some of your decorations in smaller boxes, try to pack them in acid-free tissue paper and consider using wine boxes with their inserts to keep items safer. Then, take your smaller boxes and put them together into larger storage tubs for safe keeping. If you have storage tubs for multiple holidays, get different colored storage tubs for each holiday, so they’re easy to find when you need them.

Some people simply store their decorations in an attic or basement. If you are storing your decorations in the garage, you should consider adding overhead storage racks that the tubs can be slid into so they’re not taking up valuable space in your garage when you only need them once a year.

When it comes to strands of lights, make sure they’re all working before you put them away. Also, to avoid the dreaded tangle, wrap them around a spool or at least coil the strings neatly and hold them together with multiple zip ties or clips. Even a large piece of cardboard from a cut box can serve as a good tool for wrapping strings of lights, cutting notches to stick the ends in to keep them secure.

For special holiday tablecloths, mats and napkins, make sure everything is freshly laundered before being put away. You could wrap them in acid-free tissue paper if you plan to keep them in boxes or even in linen closets. No matter where you store them, make sure to protect against moths or other pests.

For all of those ornament hooks, extra light bulbs, and similar small items, use plastic pencil cases or small toolboxes to keep the items together so they’re always easy to find.

When it comes to wreaths and artificial trees, there are specially designed zippered hanging bags that are a great way to keep these items safe and free of dust, not to mention out of the way. In a pinch, you can always use large trash bags for storing wreaths.

Finally, when it comes to inflatables, make sure they’re completely dry first. You should also check for tears and any damage to cords before storing them in their boxes or in storage bins.

The more organized you are in storing your decorations, the easier it is to put them away and pull them back out again when needed. Plus, by storing them out of the way where they won’t interfere in daily life, your new homes in Woodbury MN will remain more orderly and enjoyable.

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