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Now that school has started back up and schedules are getting busier, things often start to build up around the house. Piles of shoes, bags, and coats get jumbled, kitchen cabinets and drawers turn into a free-for-all, and pantry spaces have become disorganized. Before the holidays arrive and more is added to the confusion, here are some ways to keep your newly purchased homes for sale in Woodbury MN looking neat and tidy.

It’s easy for any closet in the front entrance to turn into a catch-all for shoes, coats, dog leashes, and all sorts of odds and ends. Regular shoe stands don’t always fit larger boots and other tall or bulky shoes, so consider putting in a clear plastic storage drawer for each member of the family. Label each drawer with their name and give them their own dedicated space. An over-the-door pocket bag also comes in handy for storing gloves, mittens, hats, scarves, dog leashes and more. Give each family member their own row and you’ll hopefully lose fewer gloves throughout the season.

Key Land homes for sale in Woodbury MN feature plenty of closet space, but to keep your closets organized, it helps to move the out-of-season clothing into storage so that you don’t have to dig through multiple seasons as you’re rushing to get dressed in the morning. Inexpensive comforter bags are a great way to store clothing between the seasons and they’re also good for storing old clothing as kids grow out of them.

In the kitchen, there’s often one drawer that seems to hold all of the measuring spoons, measuring cups, scissors and a variety of kitchen tools. To clear up space and make it easier to find everything when you need it, consider adding some hooks inside your kitchen cabinets. The hooks are an easy way to hang everything in its own spot so it’s quick at hand. Put them in the lower cabinets so that they’re easy to see and reach.

If you have a pantry area and often stock up on sodas, bottled water, beer, and other items that need to be chilled, consider adding in a couple of mini fridges. Keep one for alcoholic drinks and one for non-alcoholic drinks. This way you always have cold drinks on hand, but they don’t take up needed space in your regular fridge.

If you want to add some organization to your home, take a look at the areas where a mess most often develops and think about how you can find a permanent fix. Soon your whole home will be an oasis of calm – or at least a little less messy!

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