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Simple Fixes to Make Your Living Room Look Less Messy

Your living room or family room should be a place to relax, connect with family, or welcome friends. Yet even little things can turn an otherwise lovely room into a space that looks messy. It can be off-putting to both you and your guests, making it harder to relax and enjoy yourself. Fortunately, there are simple things that can quickly make the living rooms in your homes in Apple Valley MN go from messy to magnificent.

First off, make sure your floors are clean. Whether you need to vacuum or mop, clean floors go a long way to making a living room look good. If there are some stains that you’ve let slide, go ahead and get them cleaned. It will make a huge difference. If there are stains or wear patterns that can’t be fixed, consider decorative accent rugs to hide them and make the space look more finished.

Next up, edit the knickknacks and decorations. It’s easy to accumulate favorite decorations and bits and pieces over the years, whether they’re gifts from kids, family souvenirs, or just decorations you’ve picked up from time to time. You don’t have to get rid of them all, just put some away. A lack of clutter, even in decorations, makes the room look more organized and intentional. Plus, you can always switch out decorations periodically, and you’ll start to appreciate and see them more, rather than letting them just becoming visual background clutter.

For the things that you do keep, try to organize them intentionally. Rather than just having a couple of candles, group them on a decorative tray. Similarly, keep remotes in a nice tray or lidded box so they’re not scattered about. Groupings always look more organized and less scattered.

One of the biggest things you can do to make your living room look neater is to hide all exposed cords. There are a variety of cord covers and corrals that will help you keep them out of sight or at least less unsightly. With many people hanging their TVs, a simple cord cover that can be painted to match the wall makes a huge difference. Plus, with the cords less likely to be in a tangled mess, they’re easier to deal with when you do need to make any changes.

Finally, as you prepare to go to bed each night in your homes in Apple Valley MN, take a few minutes to clear off the coffee table, give all of the cushions a fluff, put away remotes, and pick up any fur and dust bunnies that may have made an appearance. Those few moments will help you stay on top of things so that your living room is always ready for guests or simply for a sense of contentment.

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