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Signs It’s Time To Upgrade

That first home you bought, either on your own or as a couple, holds a lot of great memories. But these days those memories have nowhere to be stored because you’ve run out of space. If your home is making you feel frustrated more than like a happy family, it’s time to contact a Minneapolis MN new home builder like Key Land Homes and start looking to upgrade. Best of all, we can help you develop a home that will fit you now and adapt as your lifestyle changes in the future.

One of the biggest reasons people do move into a new home is the need for more space. It could be the need for more bedrooms as the family grows and kids start to fight over sharing a room. You may also find yourself working from home more now and need a dedicated home office that you don’t have to shift around when it’s time for dinner.

You may have been considering remodeling rather than buying a new home, but as you get quotes on what you want done, you may realize it’s more expensive than it’s worth, as you still can’t get quite what you want.

There’s also the reality that if you remodel, you may make your home worth more than is realistic for the neighborhood. The neighborhood may still be nice, but not enough to make up for the money you’ve poured into the home. Even worse, the neighborhood may have gone down slightly and you want to get out before you lose more of the equity you’ve built up in the home.

It could be that the neighbors and kids you first got to know when you moved in have moved on and you may want a different community. You may also be at the point where you want a different school system as your kids reach various educational milestones. Finding a community that is more family oriented with good schools is another reason to decide it’s time to move on and hopefully move up!

Another reason people move and often move up to a nicer home is a new job. Maybe it’s in a new location and moving means a better commute time. It may also come with a significant pay increase, which means you can afford to find a home that better fits your current lifestyle.

These are just some of the reasons that people decided to move on and move up into a bigger and better home. Turning to a Minneapolis MN new home builder like Key Land Homes lets you explore various communities, cities, and towns, as well as a wide range of home designs to help you find your ideal home that will better fit you now and for years to come. Contact us today if you’re starting to feel the need for some extra space and a more up-to-date setting and we’ll help you find the perfect upgrade for you and your family.

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