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Safety Tips for Space Heaters

There’s no getting away from the fact that Minnesota winters are cold. Even when you purchase brand new Lakeville MN homes with great heating and insulation, there are times when a space heater adds that extra warmth without the cost of cranking up the heat. Some people worry about the safety of space heaters, but major improvements have been made in the past decade or more. Still, there are certain safety tips that everyone should follow to stay warm without worry.

First off, don’t buy a used space heater. You don’t know its history and how it has been handled. Always buy new. The extra cost is worth the peace of mind. Also, as tempted as you may be to leave it on all night, it’s really recommended that you don’t. Space heaters should only be used when you can keep an eye on them. Similarly, if you’re going to be leaving the room for more than a few minutes, go ahead and turn it off.

If you have children or pets, especially when either is at an age that they may investigate everything or run around frequently, don’t leave the heater unattended and make sure it doesn’t get knocked over.

In some cases, you may be tempted to use the heater as a clothes or towel warmer, but you should never drape any material over the heater. In fact, it is recommended that you keep a three-foot perimeter around the heater clear of all items, including furniture and drapes.

With all of today’s electronic devices and chargers, outlets are often at a premium. However, you should never plug a space heater into an extension cord or powerstrip. Both could overheat. The heater should be plugged directly into the actual electric outlet and you should avoid plugging anything else into the outlet while the heater is in use.

Today’s space heaters have more safety features to prevent accidents, but it is always important to be careful when using them in your Lakeville MN homes. A few extra precautions mean that you can be warm, cozy and safe all winter.

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