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Preparing Your Child for the Big Move

Moving is stressful for adults, trying to get everything organized, packed, and scheduled amid all of life’s daily needs. Children often pick up on that stress and have their own worries and fears about the big move, even if it’s only a short distance away. Whether your move to one of the homes in Woodbury MN is a short move or long-distance move, there are steps you can take to help prepare your children and make the move something new and exciting.

If at all possible, try to point out the benefits of the move to your child. Will one of the parents have a much shorter work commute so they can spend more time with the family? Will you be closer to other relatives or family friends? Will they be closer to attractions or activities that they enjoy?

Thanks to the internet, even if the move is a big one, it’s easy to find pictures of the schools your children will be attending, local parks and playgrounds, and local branches of activities and groups. Research the kinds of activities and options available for your children and see if there’s something new they’d like to try, giving them something positive to anticipate.

Of course, you certainly want to let the children get a sense of the new home, even if it’s through Google Street View and the real estate agent’s photos of the property. If possible, you should also make sure to take as many photos as possible of the property once you’re seriously considering it. If there’s a floor plan, let them see it and understand how they’ll be moving around the house and where their rooms will be.

Furthermore, especially with slightly older children, let them have a say in how their new room is decorated. Being given free reign, or at least a lot more say in the colors and decoration, may help older children and even teens feel like they have some control, particularly if they’re leaving family and friends behind. Let them go crazy with the colors. It’s just paint and that can be changed down the line. It’s better to let the children have a space where they feel comfortable.

As you prepare for the actual move, let young children pack a bag or box that will travel with you so that they have favorite toys or games or other items that are special to them. This way they don’t have to be without beloved items during the big transition.

As you prepare to move into one of the homes in Woodbury MN, gauge your children’s interest and stress and keep them in the loop if it helps or find out their worries and try to put them at ease. Don’t forget to get contact information for all of their friends. Thanks to apps and other communication options, they can still keep in touch with old friends as they make new ones.

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