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Planning a Home Decorating Project

Planning a home decorating project can be exciting and daunting. If you’re purchasing one of the Savage MN homes from Key Land Homes, you have the expert advice from their design professionals to help guide you through the process, but even if you’re just redecorating one or two rooms in your home to give it some new life, there are things to keep in mind when starting such a project. Having this information sorted out before meeting with a designer or starting on a room will make the process go more smoothly.

Ultimately, it’s up to you how you start planning your room design. You could have a color, pattern, piece of art, a collection, an overall style, or a piece of furniture that you want to design the room around. The key is to figure out what your inspiration is and to focus on how to make that work in the room. Ideally, write down your design plan on paper, with the inspiration, color theme, and design style. This will help you focus and make sure you create a cohesive design.

You may even want to sketch out the room, adding photos, fabric and color swatches, textures and more to bring it to life. For the more modern take, create a Pinterest board pulling in the various elements you want. A visual plan gives you a better sense of how various pieces, colors, and patterns work together and if you’re veering away from your intended style or if some pieces are going to be too much for the room.

Most people aren’t decorating a room from scratch. There are pieces of existing furniture to include, whether they’re the inspiration or simply need to be accommodated. Think about how they can fit into your overall plan and style. In some cases, slipcovers, reupholstery, or new paint can help existing furniture blend into your new design.

Another source of inspiration can be a collection or specific pieces of art. Look at ways to incorporate them, drawing from their colors, style and other main features. From crystals to birdhouses to a large landscape painting, each piece can be used to create an overall design look for your room. It will also likely help direct you in the style of the room. A coastal landscape painting may lend itself well to a more casual coastal theme, while a charming birdhouse collection may sit better in a classic Americana setting.

If you don’t have any major pieces to influence the room, think about a favorite color and how you can incorporate that into the overall room. Similarly, if you have a favorite pattern or fabric texture, explore the ways they can be used. A bold pattern, such as a large floral, could be used as wallpaper on an accent wall, in a rug, or as the fabric for a sofa or bedspread. Then use complementary colors and simpler accents to let the pattern shine without overwhelming the room.

Although painting may seem the obvious place to start, choosing a rug or sofa or bedspread or backsplash tile may be the best place to start, no matter the room. Paint is easy and can be quickly changed or altered, whereas a larger piece of furniture will most likely need to stay. As you find your theme, you can create a color palette from there, ultimately finding the right paint based on the existing objects you want to complement.

Look at what you already have, think about what style you really want, see how they can work together, and make a list of your ideas. This will help to solidify your design project and also make it easier for design professionals to help you as you put the finishing touches on your Savage MN homes. The end result will be a room you’ll be happy with for years to come.

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