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Paint Trends Designers Are Trying on Their Walls in 2024

Bold is going to be big in paint colors in 2024, but don’t let that scare you. You can go bold in small ways, while maintaining neutrals, creating an eye-catching but livable environment for your homes in Lakeville MN. Of course, if you think the bolder the better, you’re definitely in for a treat!

On one hand, there’s the warm shift to Pantone’s Peach Fuzz, which is a change from the abundance of gray in past years. While still neutral enough to work with a variety of furnishings and decorations, it adds a noticeable brightness and warmth to any room. It also continues some of the vintage throwback to the ‘80s decor that has grown popular over the past few years. However, you can build on these warm neutrals with bolder warm colors such as saturated jewel tones, rather than washing out with additional pastels. Consider layers of warm colors in increasingly bold, saturated colors.

If warm tones aren’t your favorite, you’re still in luck. The key remains bold colors, which is certainly what Behr’s Black Pepper, a gray-black color, is. This is the epitome of boldness and needn’t be limited to bedrooms for those who like a dark space to invite sleep, though it does work well in such a setting. This intense color is a perfect complement for cream to stop it from being too stark. Warm-tone, light-wood accents in furniture also help brighten and make the room feel cozy. You can easily use this color as an accent wall, but it works well on all walls in a well-lit room with plenty of natural light.

Green remains popular, with a shift to deep forest green tones, rather than the slightly lighter jungle tones. That said, pale, pastel green has its place, as well, creating a light airy atmosphere. Complement with warmer accents such as yellow, rust or orange throw pillows or side chairs, and look for natural materials or other warm, light decorations to create a relaxing space.

If you like your cooler gray colors, but want an update, consider dark blues with some warm gray undertones, or go much lighter with shades of blue ranging from aquamarine, cornflower, and seafoam to find the perfect blue for any room.

You can be creative in combining a mix of bold colors in patterns on white walls, choose a focus wall to draw attention, or go all-out with your bold color – be it light or dark – for a whole room or create a complementary mix of bold colors in an open-layout plan. Be creative and bold – whatever bold means to you – and welcome some warm colors into your homes in Lakeville MN.

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