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New Years Eve Party Ideas for Kids

With the addition of children to a family, the desire to ring in the new year is sometimes tempered by the costs of going out and the lateness of the festivities. Fortunately, there are plenty of fun ways to welcome 2018 in your new homes in Woodbury MN that little ones can enjoy, too.

As parents with a young child or children, even staying up until 11 p.m. to ring in the new year with the Eastern time zone can be a challenge. Instead, try moving the clocks forward so that “midnight” will coincide with your children’s bed time. Alternatively, you could have a Noon Year’s Eve Party, which lets the family enjoy the celebrations, without anyone getting tired and cranky, adults included!

Create a party atmosphere by serving up finger foods and mock cocktails. Veggies and dip are colorful and an easier way to get children to eat something healthy during the festivities, but there are plenty of other foods that little fingers will be able to eat easily. As for the mock cocktails, get some plastic champagne glasses and make a punch of sparkling fruit juice to help ring in the new year.

To keep your children entertained during the hours leading up to the countdown, plan a mix of crafts, games, and activities to keep them busy. Blow up balloons to be popped every hour and put an activity inside each one. The balloons are a festive decoration and something that the children will look forward to every hour.

Some of the activities to include in the balloons could be naming their favorite memories of the year if they’re old enough. Or they could make noisemakers to use at “midnight” by gluing bells to popsicle sticks. If small bells might be too dangerous, they could make New Year signs with paper plates and popsicle sticks. They can paint them and write 2018 or Happy New Year on their signs. For easy fun and memories you can look back on, get some New Year-themed accessories like silly glasses, hats, and other items and let the kids dress up and pose for photos. You could even create a “frame” for them to use while posing. This is handy for getting fun photos of really young children.

With a mix of food, games, and crafts — along with a designated hour to celebrate the new year, no matter what the clock says — it’s easy to create a wonderful celebration in your new homes in Woodbury MN. Whether you stay up to celebrate at the real midnight is up to you. Happy New Year!


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