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More than Cars: Garages that Multitask


If you’re shopping for new homes for sale in Chaska, MN, you may have noticed the spacious garages in the Key Land Homes designs. But have you thought about what else you can do with a garage other than store your car?

A well-organized garage provides plenty of room for cars, storage and DIY projects. Here are some of the ways your garage can multitask:

• Workbench. Include storage and work areas to make your garage a haven for your DIY projects. Install racks and cabinets to organize and store tools and supplies. Allow space for a stool for the times when you’ll want to sit down while you’re working on that fun project.

• Mudroom. Though many of the new homes for sale in Chaska, MN have a mudroom, you can add a bench for seating and storage and install hooks for hanging coats by the door to keep the messiest of your outdoor gear out of the house. Or use your interior mudroom for another purpose.

• Play area. The garage can be a great place to store toys and recreation equipment – and to play with those items. Let the kids head out there to burn off some steam.

• Gardening. A bench with a sink gives you a wonderful place to keep your supplies and do your indoor and outdoor gardening chores.

• Storage. Store off-season recreational items (such as bicycles, kayaks, golfing equipment), seasonal decorations, and other items you may not need immediate access to. Go floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall and even overhead with racks, pegboards, shelves and cabinets to maximize your space.

• Freezer, second refrigerator. The garage is a great place for extra food storage. You may even want to put a wine cooler out there.

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