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Living Room Color Palettes That Pack A Punch

Often, when decorating the living rooms in their homes in Jordan MN, homeowners lean toward a sea of neutrals and rely on a few easy pops of color that can be changed out without much fuss or expense. While there’s nothing wrong with that, especially if you like to redecorate frequently, sometimes it’s fun to be bold and choose color palettes with a little more zing. Plus, bolder color combinations don’t necessarily mean loud and overwhelming. You can create surprisingly calm and elegant colorful color palettes that stand out without being overwhelming.

If you want to ease into things with subtle touches of color, think of soft watercolors. Pale shades of pink and aquatic blue look great on sofas and side chairs, while darker accents of earthy brownish grays and even dark blue or black add an edge to all of those pastels. A patterned rug with some bolder colors also keeps the room from looking washed out and dated.

For those ready to go a step further with a room that is colorful but not over the top, consider a combination of complementary colors from the color wheel. For example orange and blue are complementary colors and there are a variety of shades of each that can create a colorful yet soft look to a living room. Consider a coral rug that leans toward orange tones, perhaps with white patterns, and sofas and chairs in shades of deep blues. A dark blue solid sofa paired with chairs in a print of lighter blues, set against white walls creates an almost coastal vibe that is the right balance of warm and cool to feel cozy in the winter and refreshing in the summer. Gray and taupe accents also help add a certain refinement to the color palette.

Some living rooms call out for regal designs. In that case, let the peacock be your inspiration. Paint your walls a deep peacockish blue-green and lacquer them heavily for a glossy finish. Then bring in lighter shades of olive in the furnishings, lots of crisp white trim, and artwork in bold, gold ornate frames.

If you’re aiming for elegance, but with a touch of the bohemian, consider shades of cranberry, indigo, dusky rose, and accents of warm wood. Blue-gray walls with an accent wall or fireplace surround painted indigo serve as a great backdrop to furnishings with some prints to liven up the space in deep blues or dusky pinks or even shade of lavender. Pile on the patterned rugs with a deep cranberry base and look for pieces of furniture such as side tables in rich, warm wood.

Finally, if you want a touch of the tropics or a spice stand in a Middle Eastern bazaar, you can keep the walls a bright white and turn to bold turmeric yellow or persimmon orange for your sofa. Then choose a shade of blue to cool things down if you want to add more color, or you can keep things minimal and choose wood and earth tones, ranging from shelving to woven baskets and other natural materials to let the primary color shine.

These are just a few ways to add color to your living room, letting color go further in expressing your own personality. Go a bit bolder, but maybe keep the sofa in a solid color that can be easier to decorate around, and then have fun with the walls and other furnishings. Forget beige and go bold and have fun with color in your new homes in Jordan MN.


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