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For many people looking at the option of buying one of the new homes in Savage MN, the focus is on the fact that the home is more contemporary in design, meeting modern needs. There’s also the appeal of having a home that should be free of repairs and replacements for longer, thus saving money in the long run. Yet sometimes there can be problems, even in a new home. That’s why you want to choose a builder like Key Land Homes that offers a solid warranty to give you more peace of mind.

Each of our new homes has a comprehensive protection plan that will safeguard your important investment. After all, this is your home and any problem becomes stressful if it causes an interruption to your daily life and comfort. You don’t want the added stress that comes with an expensive repair.

Fortunately, our warranty options are extensive. We offer a comprehensive warranty for the first 12 months. This is when any problems, such as material issues, may make themselves known as the home settles and is used daily. It’s a great way to find little issues that may not have been visible during construction.

Still, there are some issues that may come up after the first year. That’s why important in-wall systems that include electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling, etc., are fully covered for two years. Anyone who has dealt with a plumbing issue knows the relief of having that extra protection.

In addition, when you purchase a home from us, you also receive a 10-year structural warranty from the RWC Warranty Corporation. This is an extra layer of protection for long-term comfort.

With our warranties, you already have a lot of security in your investment. After all, a home is often one of the most expensive items people purchase. Because it is a big investment, it’s nice to have the option of our Platinum Advantage extended warranty, which covers most major appliances and mechanical systems for a total of five years. This is when some appliances may start to show their age and it’s nice to have that extra coverage. Best of all, you even get to choose your own repair person, rather than being limited to one or two specific companies.

When you choose Key Land Homes as the builder of your new home, you will have multiple layers of confidence in your choice. You’re working with an experienced, talented team that cares about every home they build, plus, you have excellent warranties to give you more confidence in the years to come once you’ve moved into your fantastic new home. Contact us today to learn how you can have this kind of comfort and security with one of our new homes in Savage MN.

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