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Lakeville MN Is One of the Best Place for Families

If you are looking to move to the Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan area, or are just looking for an area that is particularly family friendly, consider purchasing one of the new homes in Lakeville MN. With new homes available in the Knob Hill Villas that are part of the Knob Hill Development, you’ll find an ideal place to enjoy family life.

Lakeville itself is approximately a 20-minute drive south of St. Paul, making it easy to get to for work and play, but far enough out to experience a more laid-back lifestyle. Currently, roughly 67,000 people call Lakeville home and it’s one of the fastest-growing municipalities in the metropolitan area. That doesn’t mean it’s going to quickly become overwhelming, though. It has a strong local economy and a focus on community.

In fact, it is often recognized for its high quality of living, thanks to factors such as relatively low taxes, a low crime rate, and as mentioned, an easy commute to downtown Minneapolis or St. Paul, along with the MSP airport. On top of those important features, Lakevile has an attractive downtown area with great shopping and dining, with recognized big names, as well as local shops.

Unsurprisingly, with a name like Lakeville, you’ll also find plenty of outdoor activities for all ages. The city features a number of parks and conservancies, as well as multiple lakes that wind through the area. The largest are Lake Marion and Orchard Lake, both of which offer plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities, ideal for family outings.

Now, with the Key Land Villas – thoughtfully designed one-level living in an association offered by Knob Hill Development – we  have homes available right now, letting you start enjoying a fantastic life in the wonderful Lakeville MN. Between Knob Hill Villas and all that the attractive Lakeville has to offer, contact us today to learn how you can soon be calling one of the new homes in Lakeville MN your own. You won’t regret choosing this family friendly location where people are friendly and living is easy.

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