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Kitchen Decluttering in Just 20 Minutes

We’re always being told to declutter. Get rid of things you haven’t used in six months! Stop being so sentimental! Clutter leads to chaos! While homes in Savage MN do tend to look better without clutter, sometimes you have to pick your battles. One area that is often overlooked when it comes to clutter is the kitchen, yet it’s potentially one of the most important areas to keep decluttered, particularly the fridge, freezer, and pantry. If you’re worried you’ve got some experiments developing, now is the time to take charge and declutter in just 20 minutes.

When it comes to decluttering these three key areas of your kitchen, it’s best to move the trash can right next to the fridge/freezer so things can easily be tossed. Shelf by shelf — and especially in the door — start going through every item and getting rid of anything that has expired, old condiments, mystery leftovers, foods you tried but didn’t like, anything that you’re probably never going to use again, and food with freezer burn. You may also want to take out ice trys or ice-cream maker bowls that aren’t being used right now.

In your pantry or dry-goods cupboards and cabinets, you’ll want the trash can, but you might also want a bag or box for canned items you could donate. Once again, get rid of anything that has expired, anything that has gone stale, anything you have unnecessary multiples of, and anything you know you’re not going to eat again. This is also a good time to make a list of any baking ingredients you’re out of or low on that you’ll probably need during the holiday season. If your storage could be improved, also make a list of which items need new storage containers. This way when you get to the store, you know exactly what you need and why.

Ideally, when you do your big shopping, it’s good to give the fridge and freezer a cleanout when necessary before adding in new stuff. This way you have more room and can arrange food so that it can be seen better and it will be less likely to go to waste. With just a few minutes work, the kitchens in your homes in Savage MN will be more organized and potentially safer from foods past their prime!

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