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Interior Design Trends That Will Be Huge in 2023

When purchasing one of our new construction homes in Woodbury MN, one of the perks is the opportunity to choose many of the design details. If you’re currently trying to create a vision for your new home – or even just want to update your current home – these are some of the big interior design trends that will be a significant part of 2023.

The first thing to remember is that how you decorate your home is up to you. Architectural elements, texture, color, and sustainable, unique pieces are all part of this year’s biggest trends. Find what works for you, but don’t be afraid to try new styles if you think you’d enjoy them.

Powder rooms, in particular, have seen an uptick in bolder decor choices in recent years and that isn’t changing. Bright, bold colors and particularly vivid wallpaper patterns are showing up in these convenient spaces. Because they’re used so little and so briefly, it’s a chance to have fun with color, prints, and patterns. Think of it as a small canvas on which you can be as creative as you want, layering colors, and embracing whimsy and wildness.

More color and more patterns – and just “more” – are key this year. As we’re often still spending more time in our homes these days, we want something interesting to look at and spaces that feel more comfortable and inviting, rather than sleek and simple. Even if you still prefer sleek lines and a minimal look, add new life to it by using more color. Everything from kitchen cabinets to ceilings are moving away from neutrals to brighter colors, particularly yellows, light blue and greens, and even reds, though reds tend to be softer, weathered tints.

Having a variety of lighting available is popping up in homes this year, too. The more choices – for both work and ambient lighting – the more comfortable you can make any room in your home, and don’t forget the kitchen! Overhead lights are always convenient for being able to see easily when needed, but explore adding in wall sconces, chandeliers, and a variety of floor and table lights beyond the usual choices. The lights themselves should be works of art, but that doesn’t mean they have to be traditional. Once again, play with colors, but also shapes and textures. Think about how lampshades in various materials and colors may impact the mood of the room and choose accordingly.

Minimalism will always have its place, but this year, expect to see more personal elements in a home’s decor. Rather than aiming for Pinterest-worthy perfection, layer textiles, mix colors, and display those personal collections. The goal is to create rooms within the homes in Woodbury MN that are a unique expression of you. Choose colors, patterns, textiles, and time periods that make sense to you and make you feel comfortable and at ease, just as you should in your own home. Contact us today to help you build the home that you can decorate to show your true spirit.

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