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Interior Design Trends for 2022

2021 has flown by quickly for many people, with November already here, heralding in the last two months of the year. With 2022 comes new year resolutions, but there are also new year design trends. If you’ve started construction on one of the new homes in Woodbury MN — or just want to update your home for the new year — here are some tips on the trends you can expect to see in 2022. Don’t forget to check out our Selections Center where our designers can help you incorporate some of these elements into your new home.

The home has played an important role these past two years and the determination to keep homes as a sanctuary where people are comfortable spending time is going to remain. That means even more attention will be put into finishing touches and creating spaces that work well for the family’s needs.

For example, many people are still working from home, even if just part time now. The determination to create a dedicated home office space remains strong, even if the office does have to serve double-duty as a guest room. The main emphasis is going to remain on the office element. Attractive desks and comfortable chairs are a must, but people are also turning to built-in cabinetry to hold not just office work and supplies, but also more decorative elements that can be enjoyed throughout the workday, creating a more soothing and inspiring work space. Plus, these make for more attractive backgrounds for Zoom meetings and other online face-to-face appointments. Office spaces with a view, or at least a window, are key, both in providing natural light and in keeping your mood up. Many home offices these days also include a small lounge corner with a comfortable chair, footrest and small table, perfect for an afternoon break to give your mind and body a break with a warm drink, a chapter of a good book, or even a quick power nap.

In terms of actual decor, there seems to be an overall return to antiques, even beyond vintage. Antique pieces are taking pride of place in more homes now, with side tables, buffets, china cabinets, and chairs being mixed in with more contemporary pieces for a unique look. Plus, those antiques aren’t necessarily being used in the obvious rooms. That marble-topped buffet could easily be used in a living room or bedroom. A pairing of antique chairs in a corner of a bedroom adds an elegant touch and side tables can be used in a variety of locations.

To go along with the antique furnishings, there’s also a return to patterns and wallpaper. Designers are seeing a demand for more patterns, from modern to classic Laura Ashley florals, all paired with bright, bold colors. Patterns on patterns with wallpaper and rugs and pillows are all blending together into a vivid cacophony that somehow works. Going for bolder colors, as well — on the walls and the furnishings — is taking over from the more sombre and safe neutrals of the past few years. The key is to blend a mix of solid with patterns and in colors that may be bright but complement each other. Colorful patterned wallpaper with solid drapes, and solid, colorful sofas and ottomans filled with colorful, patterned cushions, finished off with pieces of art that add a whimsical touch leave you with a room that looks overwhelming at first glance but soon looks rich, a bit eccentric, but primarily welcoming and comfortable.

As for kitchens, all-white kitchens are fading away to be replaced by bright, bold, colorful spaces. While white kitchens can be classics, you could easily keep the bulk of your existing kitchen and add a few more pops of color with accessories. However, if you’re building a new home, aim for more color everywhere. One trend is to create a shiny kitchen with a color palette of brass and other warm tones with shiny tile floors, warm, golden wood cabinets and maybe add in a light yellow or wheat-colored tile beyond just the backsplash. A mix of metals and painted wood that creates a warm, bolder look is something you’ll see more of in kitchens in the coming year.

Finally, for bedrooms, you still want a soothing space, but rather than pale blush tones, think luxurious nature. Wallpaper filled with soft green vines and florals, paired with lush padded-frame beds in warmer earth tones, and even real plants, or at least flora and fauna fabric patterns, create a peaceful garden or jungle space where you can relax and unwind in luxury. Padded, plush chairs that you sink into, thicker, more elegant floor to ceiling drapery, and cream-colored accessories to create balance provide the luxury that complements the prevalence of the nature themes.

Overall, 2022 homes in Woodbury MN are going to be bolder in color, pattern, and decorative pieces. Don’t be afraid to mix and match antique and vintage with contemporary pieces and let your own personal style stand out. Be daring and forget the sea of neutrals that have cocooned us for the past few years. With people still spending more time in their homes, make those homes more dramatic, colorful and fun. Find the colors and patterns that feel right for you and let them bring some life to your new home, creating a home that is uniquely yours.

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