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How to Stay Organized While Building a Home

If you’re ready to build one of the MN new homes, then definitely turn to Key Land Homes. Our goal is to simplify the home building process and provide you with an exciting, straightforward experience so you can fully enjoy buying, building and living in your new home. Communication is key, but you’ll also find that organization also helps you keep track of all of the big and small details that are key to ensuring the build remains within your budget while giving you your dream home.

Before building starts, make sure you know what is a must-have and what is a want when it comes to your new home. Once you know the pricing involved for must-haves, then you can turn to the items that you’d like to have but can live without if the budget doesn’t stretch. You can always rank the items you want in importance to give you a clearer vision.

It’s important to keep track of all of the paperwork involved. You may want a tabbed accordion file to help you sort documents and receipts to make them easier to find. A spreadsheet may also be useful for keeping track of expenses, especially as you get to the point of personalizing your home with paint, tile, flooring, etc.

When it comes to design elements, consider a tabbed binder, with tabs dedicated to individual rooms or categories. Another option, especially if you have a tablet that you can take with you when meeting with designers and workers, is to use Pinterest to create boards dedicated to your vision for each of the rooms or categories. By having visual examples of what you want, it can help builders and designers get a clearer understanding and help you find those items or something similar that will work with your budget.

Inevitably, you will be exchanging a number of emails, so you should create a dedicated folder in your email inbox to keep track of all of these messages. If you don’t want to add to an already overburdened inbox, consider creating an email address solely dedicated to building your home. You could then create folders for different contacts to help you keep track of everything.

Finally, you need your own tool kit for every meeting. Whether it’s onsite, at a showroom, or some random place where you get inspiration or find yourself needing to make a quick decision, these tools will serve you well. You don’t need anything fancy, just a tote bag or something similar where you can make sure you always have a notepad, pens/pencils, a tape measure, your binder and/or tablet, and potentially a pair of shoes you don’t mind getting dirty for onsite visits. Definitely use your phone, as well, whether for photos in a dedicated album, or to take notes if you come across an ideal paint color or to take down the measurements for a light fixture or piece of furniture. This way you’re never caught unprepared.

By taking these organizational steps, you’ll find that communication is easier and you’re more likely to get what you really want in your home. So if you’re looking to build one of the MN new homes, contact us today to help you get started planning and building your own personal dream home.

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