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How to Organize the Small Things in Your Kitchen


Lakeville MN new homes, such as those built by Key Land Homes, feature spacious kitchens that the family is sure to enjoy. However, even with all that space, it is important to keep everything organized so that you can prepare meals with ease and know exactly what you have on hand. With some simple organizational tips, everything will be right there at your fingertips.

See-through baskets, such as wire mesh baskets, are great for pantry organization. They’re particularly useful for organizing snacks so that kids aren’t scavenging after school. They can even be labeled for easy organization. Use them to store additional items such as dinner side dish packages, pasta, and grains.

Don’t forget the inside of your pantry door. There are plenty of hanging storage options that can be used to make the most of this space. This is a great place to store canned goods, sodas, or even cleaning supplies.

Hanging racks can be a great way to store pots within easy reach. Hang the rack over your kitchen island and free up some cabinet space for other items. You can also install pot lid holders on the inside of cabinets to keep lids organized and easy to reach.

If your cupboards and pantry are full of half-empty bags of flour, sugar, rice, and beans that inevitably end up spilling everywhere, a collection of glass canisters can keep your cupboards clean and organized. Not only do they look nice, they also help you see just how much you have of each ingredient left so you know when to add them to your shopping list.

You can double your cabinet storage by installing under-the-shelf racks. This gives you more space to easily store bowls, mugs, and other items, without having to stack items precariously. Similarly, a lazy Susan rotating stand can provide convenient storage for herbs and spices, saving you from having to pull everything out to find that one spice at the back of the cabinet.

Key Land Homes builds beautiful Lakeville MN new homes to appeal to any home buyer. With these tips, your new kitchen will be neat, organized, and a space that the whole family can use.

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