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How to Make Your Front Porch More Appealing

From small covered front porches for sheltering from the elements to spacious porches made for relaxing, there are plenty of ways to make your porch comfortable and welcoming, no matter the size. Homes in Woodbury MN built by Key Land Homes come in a variety of styles, but all feature some sort of front porch. Here are some easy ways to make your front porch just as important and appealing as the rest of your home.

Flowers are the easiest way to make your porch more welcoming and enjoyable, and there are a myriad of ways to incorporate them. Window boxes full of colorful flowers instantly add a cozy feeling, but you can also add low, rectangular flower boxes along the edges of the porch to frame and define the space. Even if your home has a relatively small porch area, mainly for cover from the elements, decorative stands holding attractive plant pots add a finishing touch year round. By placing plants at different levels of the porch, it balances the space, while adding attractive pops of color.

You can never go wrong with a porch swing if you have the space. Whether it’s a bench style or multiple individual swings, throw in a few cushions and you’ve got instant fun and appeal for all ages. Alternatively, for the same sense of motion, but without the need for finding the right weight-bearing beams, you can go with a classic rocking chair. Either way, you can’t help but feel relaxed and happy.

If you’ve chosen one of the homes in Woodbury MN with a particularly spacious front porch, consider turning the space into an outdoor living room with a mix of furniture, including loveseats, individual seats, and even side tables. Outdoor patio furniture comes in a variety of materials and colors so that you can easily find pieces that match your personal style. Finish the space off with an outdoor rug to really give you the sense of comfortable outdoor living.

Whether you turn your patio into a living space or simply choose a bright, complementary color for your front door, there are plenty of ways to add a flourish — big or small — to your front porch. The result is a house that looks immediately welcoming and is somewhere you’re happy to come home.

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