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How to Make Your Backyard Look Amazing

With summer approaching, now is the perfect time to think about how to make the backyards in your new homes in Woodbury MN look amazing. From gardens to treehouses to outdoor kitchens, the key is to find a plan that works best with your particular lifestyle. Plus, there’s no reason you can’t mix and match to create a wonderful outdoor area for the whole family.

The easiest way to add some wow to your backyard is the inclusion of a patio. Concrete, stone, wood, single level, or multi level, the options are numerous. You could even add in a vine-covered bower, partial roof, or sun shades to really create a sense of outdoor living. In fact, more and more homeowners are turning their patios into second living rooms, choosing a suite of comfortable furniture, and even using attractive outdoor rugs to add comfort and style. Outdoor lights, lightweight curtains, and even outdoor artworks and sculpture turn a bland patio into an amazing outdoor living area.

Potted plants make any patio look better, but if you’re dreaming bigger, put some serious thought into creating a garden spectacular in your backyard. Explore the sunlight in your yard and start planning, from flowering borders around the edges to dedicated garden patches where you can grow your own produce. Attractive walkways wandering gently among shade trees and water features can turn your backyard into an enchanted garden.

Grilling is practically a national pastime during the summer months, so why not create a dedicated grilling area. It can be part of your patio, offering the perfect combination of space to cook and comfortable places to sit and enjoy the food hot off the grill. For serious grillers, consider incorporating the grill into a countertop with covered storage underneath, including maybe a small fridge for keeping sauces, condiments, and drinks cold so you’re not running in and out of the house all the time. Even if a small charcoal grill is enough for your needs, consider adding in a fire pit to your patio area, so you can enjoy the outdoors longer into the evening and as the summer nights eventually cool.

Finally, if you have young kids, you might want to consider building a treehouse or at least a dedicated play area if you don’t have the right kind of trees for building. A small shed can be a treehouse alternative, and a swingset or jungle gym will encourage your kids to get outdoors and have fun instead of being glued to video games all summer.

There are so many ways to turn the backyards in new homes in Woodbury MN into extensions of your home that you will want to use whenever possible. Don’t let that wonderful space go to waste. Think about how you’d most like to use your backyard and start working toward your goal. As you start to create a plan, you’ll soon find more and more inspiration and don’t be afraid to let it be a project that grows over the years. Start with the basics and expand as you get a feel for the space. For example, perhaps a hot tub would be a nice addition to the patio toward the end of the summer.

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