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How to Make the Most of a Loft Space

Our home designs feature a variety of rooms and spaces that provide homeowners with a great deal of flexibility in how they use their home, both now and in the future. Homes in Savage MN communities that include a loft space, such as our Oakmont home design, provide a space that can be used for a variety of purposes, from a children’s play room to a home office, and so much more. With some thoughtful design, your loft can easily become an integral part of your home.

A loft, such as the one in the Oakmont home design, is a general-purpose upper-level area typically at the top of the stairs. While it may not serve as a regular bedroom, due to lack of privacy, it can still be used as a sleeping space when you have an overflow of guests. Most often, it serves as a sitting area or recreation space. In the Oakmont, since it is located on the upper level with what would typically be the children’s bedrooms, it is the perfect place for letting the kids have a little more room to play and grow.

For example, with younger children, the loft area can be a place to corral the toys and let them have room to be creative, without having the toys taking over the rest of the home. Create different areas within the loft dedicated to crafts, dressup, toys and more to give kids a place to indulge their creativity. Toy boxes, wardrobes, and tables and chairs, along with comfy chairs and padding floor mats help keep things organized, but also serve as the perfect backdrop and accessories for games and fun.

One of the great things about lofts is that they can change as the family’s needs change. As children get older, the loft area can serve as a hangout space for tweens and teens. Put in a comfortable sofa, some side tables, and floor cushions, along with a desk area for studying and even a TV for game consoles and kids can have an area to read, study, play, hang out with friends, play music, draw, and have a space beyond their bedroom.

Of course, there’s no reason why the adults in the family can’t use the space. With more people working from home these days, a loft area becomes an excellent home office space. Since it’s upstairs, it’s away from the foot traffic and noise of the main level of the home, providing the necessary peace and quiet needed for work and calls. A desk, chair, storage, lamps, a decorative rug, and some artwork can easily turn the space into an office where you feel comfortable and productive. Plus, you have a window for natural light, which always improves an office space

There’s no reason that the loft can’t become a fun area for adults, though. Use it as a workout room, a place for meditation, a craft or hobby space, or simply a quiet place to relax and read. Having a space that can be dedicated to your interests makes it easier to actually do what you enjoy. If it’s set up and ready for you at any time, you’re more likely to do whatever it is, whether painting, yoga, knitting, reading, or any hobby. With everything at hand, there’s no excuse to not indulge in some important personal enjoyment.

Because the loft can serve so many purposes, when you look at homes in Savage MN, consider Key Land Homes and our Oakmont or other home designs that offer this kind of flexibility. When you have this extra space, you soon wonder how you lived without it!

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