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How to Make Sure You Change Your Address Everywhere

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As you prepare to move into one of the new homes in Otsego MN, it may seem like you have a million checklists and schedules to follow. As soon as you complete one task, you suddenly think of twenty other things that need to be done. One of the tasks that must be done is notifying people of your change of address. The postal service will forward your mail for a period of time, but at some point you have to make sure that everyone has your updated address.

First and foremost, set up your mail forwarding through the post office to make sure all of your mail gets to the right place while you work through the process of notifying everyone. Besides family, your place of work should be notified right away to ensure there’s no issue with paychecks, tax forms, etc.

Obviously, with the move, you’ll need to sort out utilities and home services for your new place and close out or change addresses with existing accounts. Make sure you close or change addresses right away so that you don’t accidentally end up playing for someone else’s water, electricity, gas, garbage, and internet/cable.

At some point, you’ll also need to notify your doctor, dentist, veterinarian, and lawyer. Similarly, you’ll need to update your address with insurance providers, such as health, auto, dental, life, and homeowner/renter insurance.

Your financial accounts should be changed early on to make sure there are no lost or blocked payments. Notify your bank, credit cards, loans, student aid, financial aid, and investments as soon as possible.

There are some government agencies you may need to contact, as well, particularly the Department of Motor Vehicles. With the upcoming election, don’t forget to update your voter registration. Other government offices that may need to be notified include Veteran’s Affairs, Social Security, Immigration Services, and the IRS.

Once you’ve got all of the official address changes done, don’t forget that there are plenty of fun things you want to continue at one of the new homes in Otsego MN. Make sure you have a list of all of your memberships and subscriptions, such as magazines, subscription boxes, food delivery, retail clubs, churches, scout or youth groups, and streaming services.

Fortunately, more and more places let you update your address online, but whether you have to mail it in, call it in, or change it in person, make sure you let everyone know you’ve moved. And don’t forget your friends!

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