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How to Find the Right Realtor


You may have started looking at homes for sale in Chaska MN online already, getting an idea of what is available in your price range. It is a good first step, but when it comes time to seriously start looking and narrowing down your choices and making an offer, you should turn to a Realtor to help you with this important process. They understand the rules and requirements and can make sure you get a home you won’t regret.

Not all Realtors are equal. As with any big decision or purchase in life, you should weigh your options to make sure you find the agent who is right for you and your needs. Even if someone comes recommended from a friend, it is worthwhile to still meet with other agents. Different people have different home-buying needs, not to mention personality types. You need someone you feel comfortable with and on whom you can rely.

To start your search, look online to get an idea of how long they’ve been an agent, how many homes they have sold, and the typical price range of the properties they deal with. By looking at their track record, you can get a feel for who the real stand-out successful agents are.

As you meet with the agents, ask questions, such as how long they’ve been an agent, how long they’ve worked in your area of interest, do they work with a team, and what is their schedule. You want an agent with at least a few years of experience. An exception to this rule comes in the form of an agent who has lived in the area their whole life. What they lack in home buying and selling experience, they may make up for with familiarity of the neighborhoods and city. This is particularly helpful if you are looking at homes for sale in Chaska MN, but haven’t lived in the area before.

Some agents work on their own, while others work as part of a team. Although you will be dealing with your agent, the team can serve as backup, helping ensure faster response time and availability by your agent. Similarly, you want to get an idea of your agent’s schedule. If they only work part time, it is important to make sure their schedule matches up with yours. You should also ask about any upcoming vacations they may be planning. If they are going to be away, it is important that they have a backup agent for you to deal with so that you don’t miss out on any opportunities. You may also want to get to know that Realtor, as well.

Ultimately, you want to work with a Realtor who has experience, knows the area and the market, and who will be able to respond to questions and purchasing opportunities as quickly as possible. An agent who is enthusiastic for their work and with whom you get along well will eliminate some of the stress associated with purchasing a home. You can focus your energy on finding the right home for you and your family.

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