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How to Dress a Bookcase

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After purchasing one of the new homes for sale in Chaska MN, now is the time to stamp your style onto your home. With everything fresh, and plenty of space to be styled and organized, start thinking about how you want your home to look, down to how you arrange your bookcases. Thoughtfully arranged shelves, with the perfect mix of books and decorative items, can give your home that personal touch, while still being useful and organized.

If you’re a bibliophile, you may need all the bookshelf space you can get, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add some visual interest to your bookcase. One way to make a big impact is to group books by color. Group them by the predominant color of their spine and arrange them accordingly, creating your own color progressions.

If you have some room to spare on your shelves, keep the largest, heaviest books on the lower shelves. Whether stacked horizontally, vertically, or a mixture of both, they will create a visual foundation for your bookcase. You can then move upwards with lighter, smaller books moving toward to the top of the shelves. Intersperse them with a mix of framed photos and decorative items that complement the size and weight of the books.

Not every shelf has to be filled with books. If you have bookcases with columns of individual shelves, intersperse the books with shelves holding purely decorative items. Following a theme, such as a nautical theme, with small ship lanterns, model ships, shell collections, and coastal paintings, can prevent the decorative items from looking too random.

Don’t forget to mix shapes and sizes. If you have a stack of boxy, large books, pair them with a curvy object. Vary the heights and use odd numbers to keep things from looking too perfect. A mix of heights and colors will draw the eye in and help move it through the arrangement.

New homes for sale in Chaska MN offer a great opportunity to start fresh with your decorating. As you turn your bookcases into a functional and decorative aspect of your home, just don’t forget to take a step back from time to time so you don’t get too cluttered. Save that last figurine for a nice entranceway table decoration.

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