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How to Design a Room

You’re about to move into one of the new homes in Lakeville MN or you’re in the final decorating stages of your new build and it’s time to think about the things that make your home look nice. Inevitably, you’ll have furniture that you’ll be fitting into the new home, but now is a great time to play around with colors, textures, finishes, and consider splurging or updating a few pieces, like sofas, dining tables, and rugs. Now is your chance to decorate from scratch, creating a home that best represents you and makes you happy each day.

Start off by thinking about the mood and atmosphere you want in each room. Mood boards are a great way to help you gather and put together ideas. Pinterest is particularly handy, because you can save a bunch of ideas and come up with new inspirations and then start whittling them down to what appeals to you the most. You may end up with something different than originally planned. Then create a mood board for each room. This can also help our design team get a better feel for what you want to do in each room when it comes time to pick out paint, flooring, finishes, etc. This can also help you determine a color palette for connected areas to avoid jarring changes.

Still, it’s important to keep in mind how you typically use a space. If  you’ve got kids and pets, hold off for now on the white or pale furnishings unless they’re going to be in rooms where the kids and pets won’t be. Or consider sturdy alternatives that give the same feel you’re going for, just easier to clean. However, you should also think about your daily life in terms of the spaces you spend the most time in daily. If you’re working from home now, don’t take over the dining table; make the most of that guest room that rarely gets used and create a proper home office where you can function more efficiently and in an environment that you find inspiring. Guests can deal with a sofa bed for a few nights.

When it comes to the living room, you want to pick a focal point. The TV inevitably is a major focal point for comfort in most homes, but try to find other elements that can draw the eye. If you mount the tv on the wall, consider using a darker color on that wall to make an accent wall so that the tv doesn’t stand out as much. Also consider multiple angles of seating so that for TV watching you have one comfortable angle, but if you’re having guests over, you can create an L-shaped seating area or even two sofas facing each other with a coffee table in the center or side tables on each end. This can help fill and balance the room so you’re not left with a lot of empty floor space with everything against the walls.

You do need to keep an eye on the budget, so choose the key, important pieces first before bringing in additional pieces. You can always save up for them and add them or not as you get used to the space. The other numbers you need to focus on are the dimensions of any furniture. That bed and set of bedside tables may be just what you wanted, but if you don’t measure, you may discover they don’t fit the bedroom in mind. Same goes for sofas and chairs. You may be surprised when you start doing measurements. It does help to use home design software to input the numbers to get a feel for how much space you have. You don’t want to be bumping into something constantly because the fit is too tight.

Finally, don’t forget to think carefully about the lighting, rugs, artwork, and those little accessories that turn a room into part of your home. Overhead lights are nice, but sometimes you want something softer, so consider including floor and table lamps. A rug may really pull a room together with the colors or simply take the chill off, and bare walls always look sad, so try to find some artwork to hang. Add in some throw pillows, a grouping of candles, or a stack of art books and suddenly your new homes in Lakeville MN are starting to look attractive and stylish. Just make sure they’re comfortable, too, since you have to live in them, not just look at them!

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