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How to Create Your Ultimate Craft Room

A number of homeowners are discovering or re-discovering their interests in crafts. From sewing to scrapbooking and the myriad of other artforms, it helps to have a dedicated craft room in your homes in Woodbury MN so that you can easily find what you need and can strike while the inspiration iron is hot. After all, by the time you pull out your sewing machine from the back of a closet or dig through a bag of cutting tools, you’re likely to lose interest. A room that is organized, offering easy access, is a room you will use regularly.

If you tend to sketch ideas, but then they get lost amid a haphazard pile of sketches stuffed in a drawer, you’re likely to forget that great idea. Add visual interest and inspiration at the same time by posting your sketches on a bulletin board. Seeing all of your ideas right in front of you may help you in new and creative ways.

In a similar vein, floor-to-ceiling shelving, whether open or closed, is a handy way to make sure all of your items are easily accessible and seen at a glance. Continue that idea of keeping your supplies in sight by storing them in clear containers so you know if you’re running low on something, or simply to be inspired by what you see on your shelves.

If you use colored markers, pens, pencils, etc., you probably have jars of them all jumbled together. Unless you have a specialized caddy that lets you easily see all of the colors, you may often end up digging to find the right color. Consider grouping items in color families to make it easier to find just the right colors for your projects. The same can be done with ribbons, washi tape, paper, etc. If you do use open shelves and clear storage, arranging things by color also adds to the visual appeal of your crafting space.

You’re bound to have some items that stay on your desk or tabletop, since they are used regularly. If you have items like staplers, tape dispensers, cups for holding pens or pencils, small trays, etc., try to have them match. You can often find colorful desktop sets, but in a pinch, you could always paint your own for a custom fit to your personal style.

Just about every crafter has some sort of wrapping station these days. Whether it’s for the holidays and other gift-giving occasions or part of your packaging process if you make items for sale, it helps to have a piece of furniture dedicated for the purpose, ideally with a wall of dowels for holding rolls of paper and ribbons. Drawers in the piece also ensure that scissors, tape, labels, etc., are always right at hand.

Homes built by Key Land have lots of great natural light, but when it comes to crafting, especially detailed work, it’s important to make sure you have the appropriate light, so you don’t strain your eyes and don’t potentially mismatch colors in low light. Aim for a mix of overhead light, as well as tabletop light, especially tabletop lamps that are adjustable to ensure you don’t end up in the shadows.

These days, your craft room may be doing double duty as a home office, but realistically, with a well-organized room, that should be an easy transition. Set aside one area for your office needs, and then when you need a break from work, you can do some quick crafting. The change in pace and subject can often improve both your work and your crafting, giving you a fresh perspective, so make the most of your opportunities.

The key to a great crafting room — and home office — is to be organized and make sure everything is accessible, but also looks nice, too. Just as a drab office space can be uninspiring, a cluttered, dull craft room isn’t going to inspire you. Make the most of our variety of homes in Woodbury MN that often include dedicated desks, rec rooms, or other flex rooms, and save a place for your own craft room. You’ll be happy you did when you feel the satisfaction of personalized gifts for the family this holiday season.

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