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How To Create A Whole Color Palette For Your New Key Land Home

One of the many great things about purchasing a brand new home by Key Land Homes is the chance to choose all of the interior finishes. You don’t have to fit your personal preferences around existing colors and tones that aren’t your taste, as you would with a pre-owned home. Yet it can also seem overwhelming when you suddenly find yourself choosing colors and finishes for a whole home. However, if you choose a color palette from which to work, you’ll find the process much easier, even in the future if you want to update.

First off, find your inspiration. What are your favorite colors? What kind of design style are you planning? Do you prefer warm or cool tones? Do you want to mix and match throughout the house or create a more consistent look throughout the whole home? There’s nothing wrong with using one basic color throughout the home. The key to avoid it becoming boring is using lighter and darker shades of that color and using other colors as accents.

How often have you looked at a room online or in a magazine and wondered at how they came up with such creative and unexpected color choices? If you find it difficult, consider looking at photos online that capture the mood you want in each room or throughout your home. Are you thinking misty, cool, ethereal places to relax or something more vibrant like an exotic market? Find a photo that sums up your mood and preference in colors and then use an online tool to create a color palette based on that photo. There are numerous websites that will do this for you for free. Of course, while you’re looking online, don’t forget to look at pictures of homes to get an even easier idea of unusual but beautiful color use. Key Land Homes has some great examples of bold color use in their model homes and website photos.

You may also want to create multiple color palettes, depending on the use of the room. Perhaps your kitchen or family room makes you think of warm, cozy colors, such as pale straw, rich reds, burnt umber, with touches of pine green. On the other hand you may prefer cooler, softer colors for your bedroom or bathroom, such as pure whites, cool greys, lavender, and sage.

Don’t forget to explore the color wheel for additional inspiration. Colors next to each other are considered analogous and typically work well together, such as shades of blues, greens, and violets. Colors opposite each other are complementary colors and can be great for using one as a base and the other as a bold accent.

When you have an idea of the colors you like, focus on finding a white that works well, depending on whether you want warm or cool tones, then pick your basic main neutral color. Now it’s time for color. Choose a pop of color that could be used anywhere, such as walls, tiles, furnishings, and more. Just remember, that pop of color doesn’t have to be your typical color. It could even be black, with your neutrals being shades of gray.  You may also want a second accent color that pairs well with your primary accent color. It could be similar or on the opposite side of the color wheel, but could be used on trim, doors, or other smaller features. Finally, consider an accent color that is used sparingly in the room, just for a bit of liveliness. In a bold black and white room, it could be a soft purple or a lovely seaglass green.

Just remember, you don’t have to use every color from your palette in every room. Feel free to focus on different colors in different rooms, while still maintaining an overall sense of continuity and flow. Once you have a color palette that works for you, it’s easier to shop and narrow down choices. You can walk through a store or design showroom and hone in on your specific colors. Create a color board of your own, with paint and fabric swatches, wood samples, photos of metal finishes, and more. Then you can easily refer to it. By the time the work on your new home by Key Land Homes is finished, you can be confident in having chosen a color palette that expresses your personality and lifestyle.

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