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How to Clean Your House in 45 Minutes

Are you expecting last-minute guests or has life simply gotten in the way of keeping your house clean? Here are some quick tips to get your homes in Savage MN sparkling and clean in just 45 minutes.

Of course, this is hardly a deep spring cleaning. What you want to focus on when doing a quick clean are the areas where you (and guests) spend the most time. Also, 45 minutes is for a 1,200-square-foot home, give or take, so adjust accordingly. Make a list of the chores that will have the biggest impact without taking up excessive amounts of time. Leave those intricate jobs for the spring cleaning. For now, you just want your home to look clean and acceptable.

Realistically, you want to focus on the living room, kitchen, and bathrooms, with a quick tidy of the entry foyer if you’re expecting guests. Bedrooms can simply have the doors firmly closed to hide any mess. One tip for cleaning throughout the house: carry an empty laundry basket or similar size basket with you for items that you’ll find along the way that don’t belong. Just dump them in the basket and deal with them later.

Your foyer should only take about five minutes, cleaning and organizing any obvious clutter like junk mail, charging cords, piles of shoes, and coats. Quickly wipe down the console table, get rid of any obvious cobwebs, and consider a quick vacuum or swipe with a wet wipe for floors to get rid of any obvious marks. You may want to light a scented candle or other fragrance item here to make the biggest impact.

For the kitchen, plan on 15 minutes. People like to hang out in the kitchen, so it’s best to focus on clearing off the countertops and island. Toss out-of-place-items in your basket and then start putting items on the counter into drawers and cupboards or their appropriate place. Once the counters are clear, give them a good wipe down so there’s no sticky residue. Also give your stovetop a quick wipe for any obvious spill marks. If you have stainless steel appliances, use the appropriate cleaner to make them smudge-free. Vacuum or sweep the floors and spot clean any particularly dirty areas, such as those around pet bowls. Finally, empty recycling and trash as necessary. While you’re cleaning, you may want to open a window to help air out the space as you work. Just be sure to close it when you’re finished

Budget around 10 minutes for the living room. The key is to get rid of clutter. Papers, magazines, toys, etc., should all be straightened, tossed in your basket, or put in their proper place. Try to arrange remotes neatly or hide them in special boxes or at least group them in a nice basket on the coffee table. Give major surfaces a quick dusting, use a lint roller on the furniture if there’s a lot of noticeable pet fur, and fluff pillows and neatly fold throws. Regardless of the floor surface, be it wood, tile, or carpet, this is a room that needs to be vacuumed.


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