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How to Brighten Up Your Home

With summer here, now is a good time to brighten up your homes in Woodbury MN. Whether you’ve been living in your home for a while, or, if you’re making the final choices on finishes for your new home, these tips will help make your home look and feel bright and cheerful.

The best first step is always giving your home a deep clean and getting rid of any clutter. Make sure everything has a place and make sure it is returned to that place. Less clutter will open up areas and make them feel brighter already.

For actual decor, turn to nature for inspiration. Think of light sand, deep greenery, blue skies, and sunshine so bright that colors lose some of their saturation. Choose a color palette that is full of light colors and unsaturated hues that create softness, rather than harsh brightness. That doesn’t mean you have to stick with one color theme, and you can always add a few colorful items to make the room pop.

For example, coastal design is often a great starting point, as it frequently focuses on shades of sand, light blue, crisp white and cream. How and where you use the colors is up to you. These are some ideas for living rooms, though, the same colors and ideas can be used in other rooms, as well.

A soft pale, unsaturated blue with white/cool undertones is great as a wall color with crisp white trim around doors and windows. Then add in your sandy tones with warm, light wood furniture ranging from tables to frames for seating. Let your chairs and sofas be a mix of deep navy blue for convenience and reality, but consider some light-colored side chairs in cream-colored solids or patterns, especially light botanical prints or chinoiserie. Don’t forget to add in a tall potted plant for the finishing nature’s touch.

Alternatively, you could lean toward the desert, and stick primarily with sandy and cream colors, with an emphasis on natural fiber artwork as well as baskets in light and dark colors. Layer shades of cream and sand, such as a sandy rug on cream carpeting, and for an extra pop, instead of focusing on wood frames for all of the furniture, keep the wood for the tables, but add a modern touch with gold-colored metal frames for your seating, while using cream or sand-toned fabrics for the chairs. Add in throw pillows and a few decorative pieces in rich clay oranges and reds and even black and white prints to stop the room from being bland, but keep many of your decorative items in a soft cream to keep the room airy and bright.

Another option is using a pale color, even a simple cream color for the walls and ceiling, creating overall brightness, and then letting texture be your focus instead of specific colors. This works particularly well in dining areas or covered patios. Look for more textural natural materials like seagrass, ash wood, and jute. You can always add in color in a dining room with tablecloths, runners, placemats, and centerpieces.

Regardless of the color palette you choose, keep in mind lightweight fabrics. Curtains, sofa slip covers, throw pillows, bedding, and even kitchen towels in linen, cotton, and even satin create a soft, dreamy fresh look in any room.

These are a few tips for creating a bright, airy, fresh home. Of course, you can always add pops of bold colors, such as accent walls, artwork, or a rug, but you can also use lighter colors for your accents, just choose items that are more saturated. Choose the colors and materials that best fit your tastes and lifestyle and your homes in Woodbury MN will be a beautiful summer oasis.

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