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Home Resolutions for the New Year

It’s the time of year when people start planning resolutions for the new year. Usually they involve self-betterment, but who says they can’t be about home betterment? The best way to improve your home is probably to buy one of the new homes in Savage MN from Key Land Homes, but even if you’re doing that, you need to get your old home ready to sell. Even in a new home, those resolutions can be hard to keep, so here are some resolutions you might find doable.

Clutter and organization are huge resolutions. The best way to approach both is to do it in small sections. Start with the entryway, for example. If you want shoes off when the family comes home, make sure you have a chair or bench, and a shoe rack to hold enough shoes. If you have an entry closet, get rid of coats that have been outgrown or worn out – donate ones that are still usable – and get rid of anything you know you really don’t use or want. If you still have odds and ends left, like leashes, gloves, scarves, etc., add some specific hanging racks to the walls or even a basket on the inside of the door for gloves so that things are easy to reach and organize.

Minimalism is popular, but it’s hard to truly live. The key is to keep the things that you do really love and that have personal meaning. If you have kids’  artwork you can’t toss, at least find an attractive box to store them in so you can go through it periodically. Also consider switching out items seasonally so that your decorations are a bit fresher, and consider the one in-one out rule and if you buy a new decoration for a room, an old one has to go. If nothing else, it makes you think twice about just how much you like an item or whether you’re just buying for buying’s sake.

If you have a separate dining room, make a point of using it once in a while, perhaps for Sunday dinner when more of the family is likely to be around. Use the good china on occasion even, especially as kids get older and can be trusted. What’s the point of having nice things if you never get to see or use them? Even on weeknights if you’re sitting at a dining nook table instead, consider using a tablecloth, placemats and even fabric napkins and napkin rings. Outside of massive spills, you can use the table cloth for a few days in a row, placemats are easy and quick to set out, and cloth napkins are also usable for a few days unless you have a particularly messy family member. Just buy double the amount you would need and throw them in the laundry. It’s actually good for the environment too and adds a nice touch to every meal. Plus, everyone can pick out their own napkin ring, adding some personality and fun to the table.

Ultimately, the best thing you can do to make the most of your home is to decorate it in a way that you actually like and that makes you happy when you see it. Use all of your room, if possible, even if it’s just putting a comfy chair, foot stool and side table in a guest room where you can curl up and read in peace. Find those things that have been annoying you about your home and fix them. And make your bed every day!

Fortunately, when you buy one of our new homes in Savage MN, you can make sure you get the colors, finishes and more that you really want so that you don’t have to make any big changes. You’ll already be on the way to having a home you truly love. Plus, as you prepare to pack and move into your new home, you can get rid of a lot of items that you know you don’t need and that won’t be right for your new home. And you still need to make your bed every day in your new home, too!

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