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Great Ethnic Eats in the Twin Cities

Minnesota’s cuisine, which tends toward comfort foods and the ubiquitous hotdish, does have some real standouts, in part thanks to the early Swedish settlers. In fact, you may be surprised to see just how adventurous locals get when it comes to cuisines from around the world. If you’ve just moved into one of the new homes in Minnesota and have a craving for some exotic dishes, check out a few of the great world cuisines available right in the Twin Cities.

Foxy Falafel, 767 Raymond Ave.

When a food truck gets popular enough to open as an actual restaurant, you know the food is going to be good. At Foxy Falafel, you’ll find a mouth-watering variety of falafel that is crispy outside and creamy inside, topped with equally delicious sauces that complement the falafel. Some of the outstanding falafel flavors include beet and curry.

Fasika, 510 N. Snelling Ave.

Ethiopian food continues to grow in popularity with more and more cities getting their own Ethiopian restaurant. Fasika might not be the fanciest restaurant, but the food is what you go for. Whether you’re a vegetarian or meat eater, there are so many options to tempt you. Plates are typically covered with the large, slightly spongy injera bread that serves as the base for a mix of stews, salads and other delectibles that you pick up and eat with the bread and your fingers.

Ngon Bistro, 799 W. University Ave.

For a fancier setting and a chance to taste some inspiring and sustainable fusion cuisine, Ngon Bistro is the place to visit. Their pho gets rave reviews, but you also won’t want to miss the delicious pork belly served with house-made kimchi, all topped off with an egg.

Homi, 864 W. University Ave.

When it comes to Mexican food, we’ve all learned enough now to know that the best Mexican food is made from scratch and that many of the amazing flavors only come about after hours of careful preparation. That’s exactly what you’ll find at Homi, a family run business started by Hortencia and Miguel. Pork ribs in adobo, chicken in estofado, chilaquiles, fajitas, and a mole to die for are just some of the amazing dishes they make from scratch each day.

Cheng Heng, 448 W. University Ave.

There are quite a few Thai and Vietnamese restaurants in town that are worth visiting, but for something a little different, try the Cambodian food at Cheng Heng. You’ll find an amazing array of dishes here — large servings at small prices — including some fantastic noodle dishes that include pork and black mushrooms or a vegetable curry with a broth you’ll want to finish every last drop.

These are just a handful of the amazing world cuisines available in the Twin Cities. iPho by Saigon, Bangkok Thai Deli, Naughty Greek, and even Big Daddy’s Barbecue all offer dishes that will transport you culturally and culinarily. Many of these restaurants are just off the light rail, so if you’ve purchased one of the new homes in Minnesota and want to visit the Twin Cities that way, you certainly won’t go hungry.

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