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Now is not the time that most people think about purchasing a new home. With the holidays the focus of most people’s attention, not to mention the colder weather, house hunting takes a back seat. Yet now is the perfect time to start preparing to purchase one of the MN new homes in the new year. We have a number of move-in ready homes in communities surrounding the Twin Cities.

By starting the process now, you’ll be better positioned to purchase a new home sooner in the new year. This gives you a better opportunity to find the home you want without as much competition, especially if you purchase before spring.

Start by making a list of what you really want in a home. Break your list into things you must have, and things you really want but can live without if necessary. This helps you in the house hunt, because you are clear as to what is a dealbreaker and can more easily narrow down your selection of homes.

Also do research about the school districts, the commute, and the proximity to shopping, dining, and entertainment. Location truly does matter. Fortunately, we build in communities that are ideally located to provide the convenience you want and need.

Of course, knowing what you want is important, but you also need to have a clear understanding of what you can afford. You should also be researching mortgages, talking to multiple lenders to find the best terms and rate possible for you. Getting pre-approval also helps speed up the house-hunting/purchasing process. It also helps you understand just how much you can afford and further helps you refine your list of what you must have in your home.

If you have already saved up money for your down payment, you should still make sure you have enough money set aside for movers, and other expenses involved in purchasing and moving into a new home. At least with a new home, costs are more likely to be decor rather than costly repairs or renovations.

Making the effort to get these issues organized now means that you can start shopping in earnest for a new home at the start of the new year. Once you’re ready, contact us and one of our sales agents can help you sort through our variety of MN new homes to find the right community and the right home that checks most, if not all, of the boxes on your list. What better way to start the new year than in a home where you truly feel comfortable and happy.

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