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Fun Family Activities to Do on Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and whether you’re celebrating with lots of family and friends or just your immediate family, there’s no reason why you can’t add some fun new activities for the whole family this year. If this is your first Thanksgiving in one of the homes in Prior Lake MN, it’s a great opportunity to start some new traditions, while keeping old favorites.

Many families take time to go around the table and list what they’re thankful for each year. A fun twist on this is to do a Gratitud A to Z, where each person goes around and lists something they’re thankful for, following the letters of the alphabet. You’re sure to get some good laughs as well as some tender moments.

After dinner, as you let everything settle, spend some time as a family playing Thanksgiving Bingo. You can find themed bingo cards online to download or purchase and they can be a fun way to finish off the dinner before having to get up and start cleaning up.

While football is the most common sport on Thanksgiving Day, consider shaking it up a little with your own bowling alley outside if the weather isn’t too bad. Hit up the hardware store for some bales of hay to make your own alley and purchase a set of bowling pins. Ball choice is up to you. Best of all, this is something you can do throughout the year.

If bowling isn’t your thing — or the weather isn’t cooperating — you could always play Candy Corn Ring Toss. Get a little creative with some small orange safety cones, and some white and yellow spray paint to create your own candy corns. Get some toy rings that will fit over them and you’ve got a fun ring toss game that can be done indoors or out.

If your kids are in their teens, it might be fun to go through the family photos and look for old photos from previous Thanksgivings of the kids when they were young, as well as the parents and any other relatives who might be there celebrating with you. Hang them up on some ribbon or pin them on a cork board for a fun trip down memory lane.

Finally, after the table has been cleared, set up as a family and work to finish a Thanksgiving-themed puzzle. If you can see the TV from the dining table, you could always put a Thanksgiving movie on in the background.

These are just a few activities that will appeal to a variety of ages. Embrace your inner kid and your older kids will probably end up being kids again when the whole family gets together to have some fun. Enjoy your new homes in Prior Lake MN and enjoy creating some fun new memories and photos to post in future years. This year may be a little different, but there’s no reason why you can’t have a wonderful Thanksgiving and be truly thankful for all that you do have this holiday. Happy Thanksgiving from Key Land Homes!

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