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Fresh Christmas Decorating Ideas

You’ve recently purchased one of the homes for sale in Woodbury MN and now comes the time to decorate it for the upcoming holidays. You probably have Christmas decorations that you used at your last home, but not all houses are the same and it’s nice to add some fresh new decorations to your collection. Here are a few ideas of ways to add some festive fabulousness to your new home.

Make a good first impression with visitors and neighbors by adding some pretty luminaries along your walkway and around the entrance of your home. White paper bags look pretty, but you could also choose light blue, light green, or even red paper bags for a contrasting pop of color that fits the season. For an added touch of style, use a specially shaped hole punch to create snowflake or star patterns in the bags. Then simply fill the bottom of the bags with a generous layer of sand and place small battery-powered LED lights inside.

Groupings of lanterns, either on your front porch or in your entranceway, create a warm, festive welcome. A few sprigs of pine tree needles along the base of the lanterns helps to tie in the season. You can use large pillar candles or, for added safety, flameless candles are an excellent choice. A simple bow of red, gold or plaid ribbon finishes off the top of the lantern.

For a stunning table centerpiece, create an arrangement of a tight groupings of red roses, surrounded by white berries, placed in tall, narrow silver vases. Three vases, of differing heights, really makes a visual impact. Finish off the arrangement with a few small scattered votives and some garland around around the base of the vases.

Kitchens don’t often get a lot of decoration, other than some new Christmas towels, but if you have hanging pendant lamps, dress them up with some garland. Similarly, if you want to add some strings of lights in your home around doorways or railings, but don’t like the look of the bare wires, garland does a wonderful job of hiding the wires and making everything look more finished.

Finally, if you’re looking for some holiday decorations that you can do with your kids, gather up some pine cones, acorns, or even small plastic Christmas figurines and give everything a coat of silver or gold spray paint. Then fill tall glass jars with a mix of these newly painted pieces, along with some simple white, round ornaments. The mix of nature, Christmas themes, and simple pieces creates a fun arrangement.

These are just a few ways to add some Christmas cheer to the newly purchased homes for sale in Woodbury MN. Whether you choose new decorations and ornaments or give new life to existing pieces, such as wrapping your coffee table in some beautiful ribbon, there are plenty of fun, easy ways to make your home sparkle.

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