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Four Ways to Create a Magazine-worthy Kitchen

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No matter how big and comfortable any living room is, people end up congregating in the kitchen, especially at parties. It’s not just that that’s where you can always find food and drink; kitchens are a source of comfort and closeness. That’s why so many people want the kitchens in their new homes in Lakeville MN to look good, and maybe even worthy of a magazine spread. Family and friends spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so why not give it the decorating attention it deserves.

One way to make any room look more refined and stylish is by getting rid of all of the clutter. Smooth, expansive, uncluttered countertops make the kitchen look airy and elegant. It also gives you more room to work. Lots of kitchen designs now include cabinets designed to hide away larger countertop appliances like toasters, blenders, mixers and other similar items. Don’t forget to use the storage in your kitchen island to neatly arrange or hide cookbooks, and a host of other kitchen implements. If you do keep some items out on the surface, group them together, like cooking utensils, in decorative containers and choose to highlight only a few exceptional pieces.

Unexpected Light
From hidden under-cabinet lights to overhead chandeliers, be creative and adventurous with your lighting. The kitchen tends to be brightly lit, to make cooking easy at any time of day or night, but that doesn’t mean you have to rely on one strong source of light. Take advantage of under-cabinet lighting that can really light-up your work space, while also working as ambient light when the kitchen is used as a gathering space. To really make a big impact, use an unexpected overhead light fixture, such as a chandelier or modern statement light.

Seating Styles
Many kitchens in the new homes in Lakeville MN are a part of open-plan living, so if you have seating at the kitchen island, as well as a dining table next to the kitchen, feel free to play around with a mix of styles. When using multiple chairs, the key is to choose one unifying element, such as wood, rattan, color, or cushioning.

Add Some Glam
Kitchens can be a bit utilitarian. It’s not the room people think about adding glitz and glam. Yet any kitchen can benefit from a few key pieces of shine and some baubles. For some, it’s a particularly spectacular tile backsplash. For others, it’s something smaller like changing out all of the cabinet handles to something more eye-catching. Even if you simply add a small collection of vases to a windowsill or counter corner, look for something that is pure style and maybe a bit unexpected.

Whatever your approach, with just a few special pieces, your kitchen can go from standard to spectacular.

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