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Five Places to Get Active and Stay Fit in Downtown Minneapolis

One the benefits of living at one of our homes in Minneapolis MN communities is their close proximity to downtown Minneapolis. Though there are many parks, lakes, golf courses, trails, fitness centers, and malls and shopping centers for you to enjoy a suburban lifestyle near the big city, there are many places you can also get fit and stay active in downtown Minneapolis. Here are five places that should be on your list:

  1. Cedar Lake Park – This park has it all to keep you fit and active all year long. There are the Cedar Lake beaches, Webber Natural Swimming Pool, Phillips Aquatics Center, walking and biking paths, and fishing pier, to a variety of youth and adult sport leagues, health and fitness classes at the recreation center, and cross-country ski-trail.
  2. Gold Medal Park – This is a 7.5 area park located at 2nd street and 11th Ave South in historic Mill District of downtown Minneapolis. Here you can play Frisbee or fly a kite, bike, run, sled, do yoga, or walk while taking in the beautiful park and river scenery.
  3. Midtown Greenery – You can go from Uptown to Midtown on this 5.5-mile trail. The Midtown Greenery is open all year making it an ideal place to get a good workout in by biking, running, skating, or walking on the paved lanes.
  4. Mississippi Paddle Share – Want to enjoy a paddle down the river? There are six options to rent and kayak via this rideshare service. Kayaking is a great strength and aerobic exercise that will build your shoulders and abs, strengthen your back, and help you’re your grip. For additional details and to reserve your boat today please visit http://paddleshare.org/.
  5. Step into Fitness – You’re sure to get your steps in at the Capella Tower and IDS Center! The Capella Tower has more than 1,270 steps in Stair B and more than 1230 steps in Stair A, and the IDS Center has 50 stories and 1,280 steps. You probably will win any step counting competition you’re in.

There are many places to get fit and stay active in downtown Minneapolis. What are your faves? And if you are in the market for a new home in close proximity to downtown Minneapolis, we hope that you will consider purchasing one of our outstanding properties by Key Land Homes. We build in neighboring homes in Minneapolis MN communities. Contact us today at 952-440-9400 to learn about our communities and available inventory..

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