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Fall Organizing Tips

17414491 - empty clay plant pots isolated on white backgroundDuring the summer months, it’s easy to let your home organization slide. After all, long, warm days spent relaxing by the pool – or ferrying the kids around to a nonstop calendar of activities – means that most people don’t feel the urge to spend their free time getting their homes in Apple Valley MN in order. However, with school back in session and the holidays fast approaching, now is a good time to get the summer gear stored away and make sure all of your current odds and ends are easily at hand.

You may think lockers are only to be found in schools and gyms, but you’d be surprised at just how handy lockers can be at keeping each family member’s outer gear stored neatly. A row of lockers in a mudroom or in the garage is the perfect place to keep coats, boots, sports gear, and a variety of items in a dedicated space. And with some paint or washi tape, you can even add a touch of style to make the lockers look less utilitarian.

With the cooler temperatures, even the most inexperienced of knitters get the urge to break out the needles and yarn. But tangled yarn – or pets that view the ball of yarn as yet another toy – can make this relaxing hobby pretty stressful. To keep your yarn organized and less interesting to four-legged friends, find some old cookie tins and use them to store your yarn. With the addition of a hole drilled in the lid, you can feed the yarn through the hole and keep it contained while you knit.

To keep the floors in homes in Apple Valley MN looking their best and free from mud and snow that get tracked in, keep a basket of slippers and thick cozy socks in the entrance way, next to a place to remove those dirty shoes. Whether it’s for family members or guests, it’s a nice way to keep feet warm and floors clean.

Finally, if you’ve brought your pretty outdoor pots in for the season, they don’t have to all be stored in the garage all winter. Use some of the empty pots to hold things like kindling, split logs, pine cones, and aromatics next to your fireplace. Containers of different sizes can create an arrangement by the hearth that is both attractive and useful.


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