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Essential Items for Every Entryway

Perfect Foyers in Lakeville MN New Homes

Most Lakeville MN new homes have a foyer or entryway that serves as a welcoming area into the home. Rather than walking straight into a living area, you have an area that offers some privacy while also serving a function for collecting coats, hats, shoes, keys and other small items. Whether large or small, your foyer or entryway will benefit from certain key decorative and functional elements.

Key Land Homes typically includes a closet in the foyer that is perfect for storing coats, shoes, dog leashes and other odds and ends out of sight. However, if you don’t have a closet in your foyer, consider hanging an attractive but sturdy coat rack so that guests always have a place to hang their coats and family members don’t waste time in the morning searching for theirs.

Whenever possible, a bench or chair comes in handy if you’re trying to remove shoes and boots to avoid snow, mud, and general dirt from getting tracked into the home. Guests aren’t left hobbling trying to remove shoes and they have a place to put bags in the process.

Another option that provides style and convenience is a narrow entry table or storage cabinet. Not only is this the perfect place to keep keys, sunglasses and other similar items, you can add a personal touch with the inclusion of small sculptures, figurines, vases or flower arrangements. It’s a great place to create a welcoming vignette of items that represent you and your personal style. Plus, if you have a storage cabinet, you can use it to hold reusable shopping bags, handbags that you switch out regularly, or even last-minute hostess gifts when you’re rushing out the door and realize you don’t have anything.

While a lamp on an entryway table is a nice touch and can create a soft atmosphere, you should also include an attractive overhead light that can be turned on as soon as you open the front door. You don’t want to be stumbling around in the dark, especially if your hands are full.

While you can certainly add framed artwork to your entryway for a personal touch, it’s best to at least include a large, framed mirror. When the doorbell rings unexpectedly, you can give yourself a quick check to make sure you look presentable and it’s also a good way to give yourself one last check as you head out the door. Plus, mirrors are great at enhancing natural light and opening up a space visually.

Finally, depending on the floor material you choose for your entryway, you may want a weather-resistant rug or mat to help catch any dirt from getting tracked in to the house. Additionally, a rug can help frame the entryway space, particularly in more open-plan home designs.

Lakeville MN new homes from Key Land Homes feature a variety of floor plans with foyers of varying sizes. Yet no matter the size, these basic items will not only make your home function more efficiently, but they will make it more welcoming for you and your guests.

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