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Enjoy the Outdoors in Twin Cities Parks and Lakes

If you’re looking for a Minneapolis MN home builder who can build a wonderful home for you in the suburbs, but not so far from the Twin Cities and the area’s outdoor activities, Key Land Homes is your perfect choice. We know that many people enjoy making the most of our region’s numerous parks and lakes, so we build in communities where access is easy. Whether it’s biking, hiking, kayaking, or just a casual stroll, there’s plenty to satisfy any level of outdoor enthusiast.

Many of the parks and lakes serve up a wide range of activities that can be done throughout the year, not just during the warmer months. The Chain of Lakes (Maka Ska, Cedar, Isles, Brownie, and Harriet) is a perfect example. So much more than lakes, this park and lake area is just about perfect for any outdoor activity during the summer. You’ll see the usual cyclists, runners, rollerbladers and more, but there’s also room for dog walkers, volleyball games, swimming, fishing, paddleboarding and barbecues to round out your day. Even during the winter months, you’ll find people turning to other adventures, such as biking along the paths, just with studded tires this time, and even those who like to stay on two feet can add spikes to their boots and walk across the lakes when they become solid enough. You’ll also find the inevitable anglers heading for some ice fishing. Each lake has its specialties, but the whole chain is an ideal spot to enjoy the great outdoors all year long.

During the hot summer months, there’s nothing better than going swimming to cool off, have fun, and relax. Of course, for those with blonder hair than others, there’s the inevitable green tinge that comes from the chemicals used in the pools. Fortunately, there’s an alternative.  Webber Natural Swimming Pool, located in north Minneapolis, is the nation’s first naturally filtered public swimming pool. Rather than harsh chemicals, Webber uses plants and various other organic filters to keep the water fresh and clean. It draws from nature, mimicking how streams and lakes stay clean. There are shallow wading pools ideal for younger kids, as well as deeper pools with designated areas specifically for laps, open swimming, and even jumping areas. There’s a spot for everyone. Just note that because this is essentially an ecosystem, it may be closed more often than chemically cleaned pools, so check the website before heading out.

For those who count their dogs as part of the family, you probably don’t want to be gone all day, leaving your poor pup all alone. Fortunately, you don’t have to if you go to Minnehaha Park. Known in particular for the Minnehaha Waterfalls, this park straddles the Mississippi River between the Twin Cities. Still, you won’t feel like you’re anywhere near the cities as you take in the beautiful view of the falls and then go explore the riverfront on foot or by bike. There are dirt hiking trails that start by the falls, and there’s an off-leash dog park in a huge forested area. It doesn’t look like most dog parks and your canine family members are going to love it. There is a $5 permit for off-leash dogs, but it’s good for the whole day, and don’t forget your baggies to clean up after your dogs, like good citizens.

These are just a few of the outdoor sites to enjoy. There’s also Loring Park for a relaxing place to chill, the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden for those who enjoy some art in the outdoors, and the Como Conservatory with everything from orchids to palm trees for those who enjoy more formal gardens. There’s truly something for everyone, whether you just want to relax or whether you want to work up a sweat. Just as the Twin Cities offer a wide range of parks and lakes to enjoy, Key Land Homes, a leading Minneapolis MN home builder offers a range of home designs to appeal to a wide range of buyers. Contact us today to learn more about our homes and communities within reach of all of these outdoor attractions.

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