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Discover These Hidden Natural Treasures in Minnesota


For people outside of Minnesota, the Mall of America may be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to Minnesota attractions, but there is so much more to the state than a shopping mall. If you’re moving  to the state and purchasing one of the new homes in Shakopee MN or just want to explore more of the state’s natural beauty and wonder, here are some of the hidden treasures you’ll love discovering.

Most people head south when they want to visit the beach, but in Minnesota, you can head way up north to Zippel Bay State Park in Lake of the Woods County. Right near the Canadian border, this state park features two miles of white, sandy beaches that are dotted with tall grasses and beautiful wildflowers during the warm summer months. The beach sits along the shore of Lake of the Woods, one of the largest lakes in the world. Even when the weather isn’t as warm, the park is open year-round to enjoy a variety of activities.

You’ll find plenty of outdoor enthusiasts in Minnesota, but even if you live in the heart of St. Paul, you can still enjoy a camping adventure. Wilderness Inquiry, a non-profit adventure travel organization based in Minneapolis, organizes metro camping trips that can be specially customized for you and your friends and family, and they even provide all of the camping gear. Fort Snelling State Park, in the heart of St. Paul, is the location of the overnight camping base. But you’ll do more than just sit around the campfire. The adventures include canoeing in locally made cedar-stripped canoes on the scenic Minnesota River, which provices a stunning view of the St. Paul skyline.

If you’ll be moving into one of the new homes in Shakopee MN this spring and want to start planning some summer excursions, consider adding the Souden Underground Mine State Park to your itinerary. Daily tours are available Memorial Day through Labor Day of Minnesota’s oldest and deepest iron mine. This educational look at Minnesota’s mining history includes a half-mile trip underground in an elevator just like the miners used.

Another underground adventure is a tour through the state’s longest cave at Forestville Mystery Cave State Park in Forestville. There are a variety of tours that let you explore 13 miles of natural passages with unique geology and spectacular underground pools. Spring through fall, there are tours available for all ages. There are also chances for daredevils to go on a special four-hour tour where you squeeze and clamber your way through undeveloped areas of the cave.

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